SourceDogg Catalogue Management

Make it easy for staff to find and buy from best value suppliers

SourceDogg’s eCatalogue component is an “Amazon” like experience where buyers can search products or services from any approved supplier and click to order through existing finance systems.
Any items not identified through a Catalogue search are automatically converted to a Request for Quotation (eRFQ) allowing users to identify and select suppliers, compare responses and award.

Key Features

  • Central electronic catalogue accessible by any authorised user
  • Powerful search facility
  • Easy to manage catalogue content, decriptions, classifications, pricing, attachments and internal coding
  • Click and convert eRFQs to catalogues
  • Integration with finance/ purchase order systems

Business Benefits

  • Greater spend under management
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Limit buyer interaction with unsolicited suppliers
  • Improve productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Reduce employee reliance on Procurement Department
  • Reduced entry and coding errors
  • Increase operational, contractual and regulatory complaince

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