Four Ways Digital Technology Optimises Your Supply Chain Team’s Performance

A huge benefit of digital transformation in an organisation is overlooked to focus on the shiny new technology being implemented or the need for change in processes to work with the tech platforms. However, both technology and processes rely on one intersectional factor – people. Here are the four ways digital technology will optimise people’s performance in your organisation.

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Relational Vs. Transactional Contracts: How to build healthier and more beneficial supplier relationships

We’ve all been in those contract negotiation meetings with suppliers on one side of the table and buyers on the other. It often feels like it’s the way to “do business” with a bit of good cop/bad cop interplay that can actually undermine the relationship from the get-go. So what’s the solution? This article proposes a more relational, contemporary, collaborative approach to supplier relationship management and shows how an SRM platform helps you achieve this.

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How Technology Improves Supply Chain Agility

Supply chain agility was one of the most frequently recurring themes we identified in the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 survey.

This article delves deeper into the definition of agility, and the five components of supply chain agility then takes a look at each, in turn, to explore how technology could help your company thrive in uncertain times.

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How Sales Strategy can Strengthen Supply Chains

Supply chain issues seem to be front and centre of many business meetings at the moment, and this reaches far beyond the procurement and operations teams. Supply chain teams don’t operate in a vacuum and the delicate interplay with sales is becoming ever more vital for company success. Here, we look at a particular example of Ford which has stopped taking Fiesta orders after supply chain issues ‘significantly affect’ production. What has driven this decision and what can we learn from their approach?

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Balancing Client Demands Vs. Supply Chain Needs

Thriving in a world of ever-increasing complexity and uncertainty is a difficult task for many businesses and with this added adversity comes a host of prickly compromises within the organisations themselves.

This creates pressure in the business across many departments, but one of the main tension is the interplay between sales and the supply chain.

So how can technology help balance these seemingly conflicting needs?

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