The 6 Biggest Supply Chain Challenges (and how technology solves them)

We’ve analysed the findings from the business challenges stated in the comprehensive 2022 Material Handling Industry report and believe six themes occur repeatedly.

As a supply chain professional you can then address these as more significant concepts and start proactively making changes to your business to gain productivity, resilience and competitive advantage for business growth. Let’s dive into these themes and see how implementing technology platforms like SourceDogg can help you address the challenges in your business.

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Four Supply Chain Strategies for a Better Business Future

When it comes to supply chain management, we know there’s no magic bullet or crystal ball that we can promise that will pave the way to success. With that in mind, however, we have noticed some key differentiators that market leaders are putting in place that are going to be essential over the coming 24 months.

We believe these four strategies rise above tactical hacks and instead focus your energy on useful and practical targets for the future.

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The Cost of Doing Business: 1 in 4 SMEs Increase Prices to Customers

The headlines over the past month or so have been dominated by the cost of living crisis and SMEs are feeling the effects of inflation too – which in turn affects their employees and their customers.
New research from Iwoca reveals the effects of rising inflation and business costs on small business owners. In this article, we look deeper at some of the research findings and give vital insight into how your business can survive and thrive against this backdrop of change.

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Balancing Client Demands Vs. Supply Chain Needs

Thriving in a world of ever-increasing complexity and uncertainty is a difficult task for many businesses and with this added adversity comes a host of prickly compromises within the organisations themselves.

This creates pressure in the business across many departments, but one of the main tension is the interplay between sales and the supply chain.

So how can technology help balance these seemingly conflicting needs?

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