Relational Vs. Transactional Contracts: How to build healthier and more beneficial supplier relationships

We’ve all been in those contract negotiation meetings with suppliers on one side of the table and buyers on the other. It often feels like it’s the way to “do business” with a bit of good cop/bad cop interplay that can actually undermine the relationship from the get-go. So what’s the solution? This article proposes a more relational, contemporary, collaborative approach to supplier relationship management and shows how an SRM platform helps you achieve this.

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ESG Audits: A Four-Step Process to Structure Supplier Data

It’s clear that the need to meet ESG goals is not going away. It’s a matter of “when” and not “if” many customers will demand disclosure of important, strategic ESG factors.
It’s also clear that no one enjoys an audit. With net zero, decarbonisation, and emissions suddenly being included in audit requests, what can you do to get ahead to not only ace the audit and begin to make step-change improvements in your ESG goals?

These are our four crucial steps to success…

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How Technology Improves Supply Chain Agility

Supply chain agility was one of the most frequently recurring themes we identified in the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 survey.

This article delves deeper into the definition of agility, and the five components of supply chain agility then takes a look at each, in turn, to explore how technology could help your company thrive in uncertain times.

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ESG in The Supply Chain – 6 Steps to Navigate Complexity

It feels like Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is recently both ubiquitous and increasingly demanding on all businesses, especially for supply chain managers.

Here, we discuss the definition of ESG, the two main challenges for supply chain leaders and propose a simple six-step process for meeting the demands of leadership teams, investors and the government alike…

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Balancing Cost Optimisation Vs. Investment in Resilience

When change and unpredictability are the norm, increasing resilience in the supply chain is a key priority for most businesses. One often overlooked fact is that increasing resilience does come at a cost. The cost of doing nothing may also be significant, but how do you balance the risk vs. reward? Here, we discuss the delicate equilibrium of Just in Time Vs. Just in Case and how data and technology help you make the tough calls a little simpler.

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4 Strategies to Combat Supply Chain Instability

No one could have predicted the unsettling and frankly bizarre amount of twists and turns supply chain leaders have faced over the past few years… but without an elusive crystal ball what can be done to combat supply chain instability?

We’ve compiled this essential list of 4 strategies for your business to consider and key tactics to implement within each strategy to make sure your supply chain is robust and resilient – even in tough times.

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The 6 Biggest Supply Chain Challenges (and how technology solves them)

We’ve analysed the findings from the business challenges stated in the comprehensive 2022 Material Handling Industry report and believe six themes occur repeatedly.

As a supply chain professional you can then address these as more significant concepts and start proactively making changes to your business to gain productivity, resilience and competitive advantage for business growth. Let’s dive into these themes and see how implementing technology platforms like SourceDogg can help you address the challenges in your business.

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Four Supply Chain Strategies for a Better Business Future

When it comes to supply chain management, we know there’s no magic bullet or crystal ball that we can promise that will pave the way to success. With that in mind, however, we have noticed some key differentiators that market leaders are putting in place that are going to be essential over the coming 24 months.

We believe these four strategies rise above tactical hacks and instead focus your energy on useful and practical targets for the future.

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10 Lessons from Supply Chain Leaders

The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 is a renowned annual ranking of the world’s superior supply chains.

We’ve taken a closer look at this insightful and detailed study and we’ve delved into the trends by analysing the word frequency throughout the report.

We’ve found 10 key recurring themes that transcend some of the huge multinational, C-suite findings they present that you can actually focus on day to day.

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