How to Build a Sustainable + Responsible Supply Chain

Sustainable and responsible supply chain management has become a critical concern for businesses. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of sustainable and responsible supply chain management, the benefits it offers, and the steps you can take to implement these practices in your operations.

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Five Critical Steps to ESG Success

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges are still a supply chain hot topic and one that stakeholders are increasingly informing their decisions based upon.

Our team of supply chain specialists have been working with several customers in-depth to help them achieve their ESG goals and they have developed a five-step process that outlines the best way to audit, analyse and act to drive ESG excellence.

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ESG In Focus: How to Maximise Impact for Minimal Investment

Despite a seemingly infinite amount of potential metrics, most corporate ESG programs are often focused on two specific areas: carbon reduction and supplier workforce diversity. Despite their initial differences, we believe in one deceptively simple matrix approach to shortcut your way to ESG excellence in both of these key domains. Read more to learn how to achieve amazing ESG outcomes – maximising impact for minimal investment.

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The ESG Challenge: Laying the Foundation for an Ethical Supply Chain

ESG in the supply chain is not about a specific target, goal or outcome but more of a journey of setting a strategy and embedding a philosophy and culture into the organisation at its core and then executing against it.
In this article, we outline a structure and approach that help you start the ESG journey and then address the challenges of the day-to-day management of the programme, empowered by data and technology.

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ESG Audits: A Four-Step Process to Structure Supplier Data

It’s clear that the need to meet ESG goals is not going away. It’s a matter of “when” and not “if” many customers will demand disclosure of important, strategic ESG factors.
It’s also clear that no one enjoys an audit. With net zero, decarbonisation, and emissions suddenly being included in audit requests, what can you do to get ahead to not only ace the audit and begin to make step-change improvements in your ESG goals?

These are our four crucial steps to success…

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ESG in The Supply Chain – 6 Steps to Navigate Complexity

It feels like Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is recently both ubiquitous and increasingly demanding on all businesses, especially for supply chain managers.

Here, we discuss the definition of ESG, the two main challenges for supply chain leaders and propose a simple six-step process for meeting the demands of leadership teams, investors and the government alike…

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How to Supercharge Supply Chain Sustainability

In contrast to the conflation that sustainable means “green”, the push for sustainability should encompass a multitude of other business goals and organisational values. In this article, we discuss where the push for sustainable business practice comes from and what you can do to prepare for the ever-increasing demands for this in your business.

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