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Procurement as boardroom strategy: free white paper

The value-adding potential of procurement is now widely recognised. It was not always so. In previous times procurement occupied a peripheral position within most organisations. It was viewed in operational or tactical terms, but rarely as a strategic, value-adding activity. Trends in global business, industry, organisational management, and business education have all contributed to a new perspective.
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Transparent e-Sourcing – free white paper

The development of e-procurement technologies has opened up new possibilities for firms to inject greater transparency into supply chain management; and this is achievable without incurring major costs or disrupting existing financial and enterprise resource planning systems.
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The Benefits of Cloud-Based e-Procurement Software – free white paper

e-Procurement benefits from the cloud's reduced costs, time and infrastructure, its performance and reliability, and crucially its ability to pave the way for the implementation of best-practice information security.
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e-Sourcing in the Construction Sector – free white paper

The construction industry presents buyers with a unique and sometimes tricky set of considerations, but this needn't be a reason to shy away from online sourcing. In fact, it can make the move to e-sourcing even more advantageous.
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Control tail spend – free white paper

Tail spend accounts for 20% of total procurement expenditure in the average firm. Reliable estimates suggest that anywhere up to 20% of tail spend is waste.
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Write an effective request for quotation in three simple steps – free white paper

RFQs can make the difference between getting a good deal and a great deal for goods and services.
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