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SourceDogg insights to walk you through everything you need to know about building great supplier relationships.

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Manage your risk better with Supplier Master Data

Manage your risk better with Supplier Master Data It is Friday afternoon and you receive a call from
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SourceDogg Requisitioning Module – Guide users through a straightforward buying process, automatically routing requisition approval.

SourceDogg’s New Product, Service and Supplier Requisition Module Accelerate the Requisition process and help the central procurement team
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SourceDogg Data Sheet Search to help suppliers get noticed and buyers get what they need

SourceDogg is launching new functionality enabling buyers to search 1,000s of product data sheets in seconds. SourceDogg announced
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What is SourceDogg?

SourceDogg is e-sourcing made easy. Source the right suppliers for all your goods and services with our request
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Completing your SourceDogg Profile

What will a complete and accurate profile do for you?   Attract relevant suppliers that represent the best
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Navigating SourceDogg:
the Application Menu

How to navigate SourceDogg Get to know your application menu for easy navigation of SourceDogg.  We are buying,
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Quick Request: Creating to Publishing in Minutes

Sample RFQ – requesting pricing for laser printers Welcome to SourceDogg, the home of effective and easy-to-use e-sourcing.
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e-Sourcing facilitates strategic purchasing: Part III – Procurement Spend Analysis

e-Sourcing is an enabler of strategic purchasing precisely because it captures valuable data on purchasing activity. Procurement spend analysis can then be used to determine trends in bid prices received, actual prices paid, and future expenditure levels.
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Strategic purchasing

e-Sourcing facilitates strategic purchasing: Part II

Last week's post looked at how e-sourcing enables firms to reduce sourcing costs, thus leveraging purchasing in a way that adds value to the business. Today's focuses on how value is added by enhanced transparency.
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