Accessing Auction

Accessing the auction

You can access the auction you were invited to by either clicking on the link in the email you received or selecting the option Auction Bids from the Resources menu in your account.

1. You can access the auctions by finding these in your account in SourceDogg.
First you need to log in to using your email address and password. If you forgot your password, it can be reset here.

Then click on the Resources button in the top menu bar and select Auction bids.

In the next page you can filter down the auctions available to you by their status using the button just above the auction list. The auctions can be filtered by one of their statuses : Invitations, Intend To Bid, In Progress, Declined to Bid, Completed and Cancelled.

To access the new auctions please select Invitations from the list. To open the auction, click on the title or the View button.

2. Second option how to access the auction is to click on the link you will receive in email invitation. Simply click on the link and log in your account and this will take you to auction page.