Action Plans – Feature Guide – Suppliers

Action Plans is a new feature that lives in the Supplier Relationship Management module of SourceDogg,

the simple to use Supply chain management platform.

What Does Actions Plans Do?

The Action Plan feature enables:

  • Creating and sharing clear plans for success on-line
  • Regular check-in dates for suppliers to provide updates on their progress
  • Reviewing supplier updates with the ability to provide feedback
  • Close out completed improvement plans and share with all key stakeholders

Why Use Action Plans?

Like all features in the SRM module, they have been designed to help build stronger relationships between buying and supplying organisations.

Helping to digitally document plans and communication between two parties, with a view to improving performance in a collaborative way.

For example, some of our existing manufacturing customers use Action plans to manage an 8D problem-solving methodology.

For your business:

As a supplier, you gain free access to an easy-to-use central system for managing improvement plans and corrective actions.

It is designed to strengthen your relationship with your customer.

You may also win more business from your customer by improving your performance

Action Plans Features


Actions Plans allow the creation of a variety of Forms / Templates for different scenarios.

Users select from Forms that are relevant to their role.


All relevant stakeholders see Action Plans logged with their suppliers.

Suppliers have a single view of everything they need to work on.


Suppliers know what they need to do and the timescales for when it needs to be done.

Encouraging the discipline of giving clear feedback at each update and before closing the plan.


Review progress, ensure accountability from who is responsible for the next action steps.

Full audit trails of all activities and completed actions.

For more information about how your customer is intending to use this feature we suggest contacting them and discussing with your key contact.

If you would be interested in using SourceDogg for your own supply chain management, why not get in touch?