Home Page

The black tool bar is the main navigation point on SourceDogg. It provides the quick and easy access to the main features of the SourceDogg platform.

1. SourceDogg Logo: This Clickable SourceDogg logo will bring the User to the main SourceDogg homepage.

2. We are supplying: This button will always bring the User to the home page of the account – as seen below.

3. Resources: The Resources button will open a dropdown menu and shortcut to DocumentsPublic requests and Auction Bids.

4. Name: When the Users name is clicked, another dropdown will open. A Shortcut to ProfileSettings, & Help can be selected here.

To Log Out of SourceDogg, simply click the Log Out button and the User will be brought back to the Login page as seen before.

In the below screenshot, there is a default landing page of SourceDogg for all Suppliers. Below the picture you can find short explanations of each of the tiles.

The 8 blue tiles make up the SourceDogg Homepage. Each of these Tiles will navigate to the most frequently used areas in SourceDogg which are as follows:

5. View responses In ProgressView All ResponsesView request invitations: These three options are to do with the Requests your organisation has been invited to. The new request invitations and pending responses are indicated by red circle in the corner of the each tile, the number indicates how many invitations or draft responses you currently have.

  • View responses In Progress will navigate you to a list of Responses that are in draft mode and are yet to be submitted before the deadline date.
  • View All Responses will navigate you to a list of all Requests your organisation has been invited to, regardless of progress.
  • View request invitations will navigate you to a list of current Invitations received and as yet not acknowledged.

6. Add Datasheets:This tile will navigate you to settings area where you can upload your datasheets and share them with selected or all buyers on the platform. You can find a quick guide for this feature here.

7. SRM: This will navigate you to the Supplier Relationship Management module. This option is active once at least one buyer invites your supplier organisation to this module.

8. Add Users: use this option to create additional users in your account. These users will have their own login and password details and will be able to work on the RFx invitations.

9. Manage Certs: the Certifications that you uploaded to SourceDogg previously could be updated here. If you need any details on how to do this, please visit this user guide .

10. Update profile: will allow you to update the details SourceDogg holds about your company. You can add additional contact information such as phone numbers, websites, etc. Well kept and up-to-date profile will increase the chance of your company being contacted by one of the buyers and therefore improves your chance to get new business.

11. Live Chat: The SourceDogg live chat icon is always found on the right of the screen. This can be selected anytime and you will have access to our Customer Support Team. The SourceDogg Customer Support Team will aid and assist in any questions/issues you would experience with SourceDogg. For any queries about the content of the RFx events, we suggest to contact the buyer directly by using the Q&A message board.