Request Access Account

All invitations from Buyer Organisations are held in ‘View request invitations’ section accessible from the Home Page of SourceDogg account.

Once you click ‘View request invitations’ you are taken to a section with a list of all current invitations from Buyer Organisations.
The details outlined on the page are as follows: Type of RequestRequest TitleBuyer OrganisationDeadline, and Status.
The blue filter button on the top left corner shows the number of current invitations.
To open the Request simply click ‘View’ button on the right hand side. This will take you directly to the Request for further review.

You can also search your list of Responses by typing in the Title or Request ID in the search box. SourceDogg Request ID is a unique 5 digit number assigned to each RFx event published in SourceDogg application and it is shared with the supplier in every email notification. You can only find it just below the title of each request or onboarding.