Request Review

It is significant to ensure the right sequence of actions is adhered to before accepting or declining Request Invitation:

  1. Review Request Details including Deadline and Description
  2. Download and review attachments
  3. Review Questions and items in the ‘Content’ section of the Request
  4. Based on the above actions – Accept or Decline the invitation to Request

To give visibility on the entire Content, SourceDogg has three types of view:

  • Overview: This view is of Sections opened with the Items and Questions showing.
  • Expand All: This view opens out every Section, Item and Question.
  • Collapse All: This view collapses the content into sections only.

Using the drop down arrows on the left of the content, will expand/collapse any Question, Item or Section.
If the arrow points down, it is expanded, if it points to the right, it is collapsed.

Important Note:
All questions and items in the ‘Content’ section are not activated until The Request Invitation is accepted.

This means that Supplier cannot start Responding to the Request before Accepting the Invitation but can review questions and items to decide if to Accept or Decline.