Request Status

Request status is displayed on the top side bar at the right hand side of the Request. It informs of the Request stage as follows:

  • Open – displays on the Request Invitations and on Public Requests that are open to joining.
  • Intend to respond – displays after accepting Request Invitation or Joining Public Request.
  • Under Consideration – displays when the Response to Request has been submitted and Response Deadline has passed. The Request is awaiting decisions stage.
  • Successful – displays when your Response has been awarded by Buyer Organisation.
  • Unsuccessful – displays when your Response has been declined by Buyer Organisation.
  • Closed – displays when the Deadline of Public Request has passed.
  • Expired – displays when the deadline to submit Responses has passed and Response had not been submitted.
  • Cancelled – displays when the Request has been cancelled by Buyer Organisation. Notification email is generated to you informing about this change.