Response Export

Your Response and full content of the Request, can be exported into a document, at any stage.

The ‘Export’ is located underneath ‘My Response status’ side bar and it gives 2 options for Export:

  • into variety of document types (excel, pdf, html, txt etc.)
  • into Macro-Friendly Excel.

  • Export (excel, pdf, html, txt etc.)

This Export option allows you to export the full content of the Request and Response into a variety of document types. Once this option is clicked it opens a separate browser tab, where you can select the format to export details into.

  • Export (Macro-Friendly Excel)

The purpose of this option, is to simply open up details of the Request and your Response in an Excel format. In Excel the content can be edited and Company branding can be added.

By selecting this option it automatically downloads the Excel file onto your computer. The file will include ‘SupplierExport’ in a title and depending on your computer settings could be found in Downloads folder.