Submitting Bids

Auction types

There are currently two types of auctions in SourceDogg. These are the Reverse English (Bid Down) and the Forward English (Bid Up) auctions. Depending on the type of auction, you will be required to bid down and reduce the pricing offered or bid up and provide increase in the price. The auction type and the settings are clearly indicated at the top of the page once you open the auction.

After accepting the invitation, you will be able to enter your bids. Depending on the nature of the auction, there may be multiple lots with various number of items in the lots. You might be able to enter the bids for individual items or you will be required to bid for every item in the lot, depending on the settings of auctions. The settings of each auction and the rules related will be explained in the description of the auction.

Once you enter all the required pricing, you can submit the bid for the lot by click on the Submit Current Workings button. You can also use the quick reduction buttons, using these will recalculate the current pricing by 1, 5 or 10 percent respectively.

When your bid is submitted, the system will display the information about the ranking per each of the items and your overall rank for the lot. As other suppliers will enter more bids, your ranking will fall down and the current best bid will be displayed to you.

For lots with many items, you might prefer to upload your pricing through excel template. To achieve this, first click on Actions button and download the template. This is a standard excel file that will contain all the items with the current best bids. You can update the file with the prices you would like to submit. When uploading back to SourceDogg, the system will populate the items with the prices from the template, to submit the pricing you would have to click on the Submit Current Workings button.