What is SourceDogg?

SourceDogg is e-sourcing made easy.

Source the right suppliers for all your goods and services with our request feature.

  • Create your request for quotation, tender, information or proposal.
  • Publish to a worldwide audience and/or invite specific suppliers.
  • Effortlessly evaluate supplier responses.
  • Award your winning supplier!

What makes it so easy?

  • Work effectively in teams, composing requests and scoring responses.
  • Quickly build a library of requests for all sourcing events by editing and cloning.
  • Use SourceDogg’s industry-specific, best practice request templates.
  • Browse, pool, tag and invite suppliers from an industry-categorised Supplier Directory – featuring over 200,000 businesses worldwide and growing strong.
  • Maintain all procurement resources (request questions/line items, documents and contracts) in one online location.
  • Instant auditing of your organisation’s sourcing process with standard and customised report options.
  • Analytical tools for comparing and evaluating supplier responses.
  • And much more…

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