Success factors of eProcurement adoption: usability and monitoring

In our final blog post on the elements of successful eProcurement adoption, we look at pre- and post-implementation activities that ensure you get the most from your chosen software product.Business Charts

4. Prioritising User-Friendliness
New IT systems are often unveiled with much organisational fanfare only for it to transpire that they are not fit for purpose. Adoption failure is often attributable to systems that are cumbersome from a user perspective and that complicate existing processes. In fact, user adoption is shown to be by far the most significant predictor of enterprise software success. To avoid a scenario in which employees shy away from using new systems the emphasis must be on user-friendliness. This is why consultation with end users is strongly advised. A common mistake firms make is attempting to match people to software. To become embedded in everyday organisational routines software has to match how employees operate and be intuitive for them. In addition, there should be a match between the technological capabilities of staff and the new system. Where employee IT capabilities are not up to scratch the result is either under-utilisation of the new system or its outright rejection.

5. Ongoing Monitoring
There is a temptation to deem a new IT system successfully implemented upon it going live. Such an assessment would be premature. Successful implementation requires on-going monitoring and periodic evaluation. This is a vital part of the implementation process but it is often bypassed as firms move onto their next project or change initiative. Monitoring is required to identify unforeseen consequences and to take corrective action where necessary. It helps to integrate the new system into the existing set of organisational processes and with bench-marking original goals against actual outcomes. A lack of monitoring means firms will be less able to determine the success or otherwise of their change initiative. Valuable lessons for future IT change projects will also go unlearnt.

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