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What is eSourcing & How Does eSourcing Work?

eSourcing employs technology to enable you to conduct your sourcing operation online, resulting in faster, smarter, and more diversified tender options. They provide a reliable environment for strategic sourcing teams to automate and develop their procurement processes.
In this article, we look at the various ways eSourcing platforms are used

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Get ahead of the game...

Trends in Digital Transformation

How is the Modern Supply Chain Evolving?

The modern consumer’s expectations are increasing inline, and sometimes ahead of commercial and operational advancement. How can your company meet their needs and gain competitive advantage? We explore the digital technology that is paving the way for supply chain revolution.

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Is Your Supply Chain Ready for this Disruptive Decade?

There have been many transformations in the global economy, brought into sharp focus recently as what was considered “normal” has fallen by the wayside for many industries.
Business leaders across the globe are asking: Are my core functions embracing digital transformation and preparing my business for the decade of uncertainty ahead?

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Supercharge Supplier Relationships

Supplier Relationship Management

Knowledge is Power

Master Your Supplier Data

What is Supplier Master Data?

The term “supplier master data” refers to vital information about the suppliers with whom you work.
In this article we cover the definitions, importance, benefits, challenges and processes… everything you need to know about supplier master data and master data management!

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