Let your Datasheets do your sales work for you

Let your Datasheets do your sales work for you

Are you making the most of your SourceDogg account?

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers for a moment, perhaps a junior member of a purchasing team.

You’ve been tasked by a senior colleague with finding a product. They have shared a specification document, but it is not a finalised spec and you do not understand half of the technical jargon anyway. First of all, you want a place to go to and, quickly and easily, navigate among your preferred suppliers to search their product ranges. Then, when you enter some key words from the specification and find the product you are looking for that looks like it matches your specification, you want to be able to deliver the results to your busy boss in an easily digestible format containing all the key information, perhaps just by sending a link or supplier’s datasheet directly with the technical details.

Now step back into your own shoes again. An important client of yours uses SourceDogg for purchasing and you’ve been through their onboarding form to be a preferred supplier. Remember your customer’s junior purchaser and be one step ahead of him and have your Datasheets already uploaded to SourceDogg for when they go looking. Now think beyond this one client; by making your Datasheets publicly available on SourceDogg you can let your Datasheets do your sales work for you by letting prospective new clients find you!

  • Tips on how to make a good Datasheet
  • Describe what makes your product unique or better than other producers
  • Make it easy to find your datasheets, tag your documents with some key words or use the UNSPSC categorisation – when a buyer is looking for a specific category, they will find your documents in no time!
  • It should be detailed enough to answer any initial questions a customer may have but not so overloaded with information that it puts your client off.
  • If your product is very technical and has a lot of features include a link in the Datasheet, perhaps to a video or more detailed white paper, so the client can find out more.
  • Use simple language with minimal jargon. You know your product inside out but your clients may not, and may not need to as its possible they are not the end user.
  • Include some FAQs about your product. If they have come up in the past with other customers, it will save time to include them here.
  • You can also decide to share your datasheets with your existing clients, by inviting them to create a free buyer’s account.

For more information on our Datasheets you can watch a video here.

Upload your Datasheets here today and don’t forget to tell your client!

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