Four Ways Digital Technology Optimises Your Supply Chain Team’s Performance

A huge benefit of digital transformation in an organisation is often missed, its impact overlooked or priority pushed aside to focus on the shiny new technology being implemented or the need for change in processes to work with the tech platforms.

The truth of the matter is that both technology and processes rely on one intersectional factor – people.

Even though our focus here at SourceDogg is on our technology platform, we’ve experienced the revolution in both individuals and teams over the years as companies we work with become more data-focused and evidence-based in their supply chain operations.

Here are the four ways digital technology will optimise people’s performance in your organisation.

Attracting & Identifying Talent

We kick off the list with a bit of a two-for-one benefit in attracting new recruits and identifying talent within your ranks. Being a forward-thinking organisation, that operates the latest technology has massive benefits when trying to attract new talent. Recruiting is notoriously difficult in the current climate and we hear the words “candidates market” repeatedly across many of our clients. It’s fiercely competitive out there, so what is your company’s USP? We believe that using software to manage your supply chain data sets you apart from the competition and also reassures potential hires that they’re not going to be recruited into a position that has them sitting on excel all day, feeling busy but not productive and chasing suppliers on mindless and tedious admin tasks.

Beyond just the recruitment process, identifying internal talent is also an often overlooked benefit of digital technology implementation. By using new tools and platforms, it helps illuminate those employees that are willing to learn new skills but are also competent in areas that would be useful in the disciplines required for the future of the organisation – such as data analysis and insight-driven decision-making.


Supercharging Success

Everyone likes to feel like they’re making progress, have a purpose, working towards a collaborative goal and achieving against their KPI’s. Digital technology platforms like SourceDogg help make that happen. By embedding tech into their roles, your company is setting your supply chain team up for success.

Whether it’s reducing the admin burden and communications workload, or making supplier relationship management more data-focused and rational rather than carrot-and-stick emotional and anecdotal, your employees will feel empowered to do a better job. We’re positive that our supply chain software makes a difference to organisations in principle but when augmented by a keen team who can clearly see the positive benefits – the combination is much more powerful.


Retention Beats Recruitment

We’ve already talked about the benefits to the recruitment process and hinted at the internal talent identification advantages, but in an ideal world, your business shouldn’t need to go through the time-consuming, costly and difficult process of recruitment more often than it needs to. Staff retention shouldn’t mean stagnation and “doing things the way they’ve always been done.”

That’s where digital transformation comes in. If the organisation is dedicated to retaining staff, then providing them with new and exciting opportunities helps keep the team interested and retains them over the longer term. This in turn embeds them into a culture of success where they feel connected to the company, loyal and on board with the overall direction and dedicated to progress.


Development Opportunity

Intrinsic to the feeling of being set up for success and a factor directly linked to employee retention is the need for your supply chain superstars to be developed professionally.

The implementation of new technology unlocks new opportunities for ambitious employees and the ability to develop their skills professionally or become a go-to leader for a specific process, functions and outputs within the team.  The scope of digital transformation means that there is even the potential for broadening the scope of roles or the structure of the team beyond the current hierarchy completely.

Deploying a cloud-based supply chain software system like SourceDogg can help shape the supply chain function within companies and as such, the team members can develop and progress as the organisation adapts to the future challenges of the market.


The Software is Just the Start…

We understand that moving to a cloud platform to manage your supply chain data, sourcing events and supplier relationship management activity may seem like a big initial hurdle, but the benefits are clear not only from an organisational perspective but from a people management point of view too.

We’d love to show you around the platform and understand how your supply chain processes work, to help you unlock the value of your workforce and supercharge your supply chain operation. Get in touch for a demo with one of our supply chain experts today…

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