Driving Supply Chain Innovation: SourceDogg’s CEO talks e-procurement in The Sunday Business Post

SourceDogg e-sourcing

SourceDogg e-sourcing

There’s never been a better time to convert to e-procurement. Having steadily gained momentum over the last twenty years, its heyday is dawning. An article in last week’s Sunday Business Post recognised that ‘with more intense pressure on industry competitiveness and a greater acceptance of software as a service (SaaS), more organisations are looking to e-procurement as a potential source of process efficiency and supply chain value’.

SourceDogg’s own CEO Alan Phelan added,

‘“e-Procurement is very well established in certain sectors, manufacturing for instance, but moving fast into organisations of all sizes and industries … Once organisations experience the benefits of automating their processes in one area, they very quickly understand why as many of their transactional and sourcing processes as possible should be automated.”’

Darren Lynch, supply chain lead at Accenture Ireland, advocates the value of e-procurement in strengthening communication, recognising it has ‘“resulted in more visibility and interaction between supply chain partners and the provision of real time information to decision makers through mobile technology, allowing for further collaboration between supply chain partners.’”

But why has e-procurement been slow to take off?

Cost has been a key barrier to adoption. As Alan Phelan observes, ‘“Until recently e-procurement software was limited to the very large corporates. Prices ranged from several hundred thousand euro per annum to several million per annum. This has changed now with SaaS and with our software. For example, companies can start with one €700 licence”’.

Read this article in full on page 32 of this month’s edition of The Sunday Business Post’s Connected supplement, available here.

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