SourceDogg profiled in The Irish Examiner

SourceDogg was the subject of a recent article (Monday 29th July, 2013) in the Irish Examiner. The feeling here is that the piece does a great job of conveying the company’s rapid growth and global ambition.

Energetic start-up company SourceDogg is busily sniffing out sales opportunities in a range of international markets including South Africa, Israel, Canada and India.

Aiming to establish itself as a global player in the e-procurement software space, the company is working on getting into as many markets as it can — as quickly as possible.

While most start-ups wouldn’t have the resources to take this approach, SourceDogg is a well-funded company which has invested heavily in R&D and has also ramped up its sales staff over the last year and is continuing to recruit.

“We have grown the staff size from 20 to 59 in the last twelve months and are recruiting two to four sales staff a month,” says chief executive Alan Phelan, adding that the number is expected to reach 80 or 90 by the year end.’

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