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A Global Flower & Vegetable Agribusiness

Enhanced contract control, consistency and visibility through centralised data, streamlined processes and reduced risk.


About the Company

Our customer is a vertically integrated agribusiness, that provides its customers with the highest quality product and leading best practice in the supply chain. The group has an annual turnover in excess of £300 million and employs more than 10,000 people. They are an ethical business and are fully committed to principles of fairness and sustainability in all of the geographies in which they operate. They pride themselves on sustainable and responsible sourcing with strategic partnerships with our growers and customers.


Hertfordshire, UK



Use Cases

Source and Select
Supplier Master Data
Supplier Relationship Management

Our customer is a core supplier to most of the leading UK multiple retailers, as well as internationally to customers in Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Japan and Australia.

The quality of their processing operations, logistics network and their ideally located farming operations in Africa gives them the infrastructure and technical capabilities to deliver an impeccable service to all of their customers, helping them maintain their position as one of the leading, global companies within the industry.

The Supply Chain Challenge

Our customer’s talented team operate in an incredibly demanding supply chain process as they source and process over 780m flower stems and supply 26 million kg of premium vegetables to the UK and Europe each year. All of these products are delivered to their customer’s depots fresh and in peak condition thanks to end-to-end temperature-controlled transport and warehousing. They can deliver from farms to depots in 72 hours.

Their operational processes are second to none, as a global leader in their industry but the challenge was their current technology not keeping pace with their people and processes.

They wanted to formalise their procurement strategy with a robust, supply chain source and selection platform. Their previous method of re-inventing, duplicating or adapting inefficient processes wasn’t fit for a fast-growing business that was developing both organically and via acquisition.

They needed a system to manage a multitude of complex contracts, ensuring they didn’t auto-renew without detailed performance reviews on a platform that helped them manage their supplier relationships.

The global nature of the business also meant that they needed a cloud solution that was operational from the UK to Kenya and everywhere in between.

The SourceDogg Solution

One of the biggest gains in productivity for our customer was the implementation of SourceDogg’s Source + Select tools across their global operation. This enhanced control and consistency mean all buying activities are aligned.

The SourceDogg platform drives better value through enhanced competition in their buying events and greater visibility for the team to identify strategic suppliers looking to work more closely with the company.

The ability to replicate consistent buying events saves the busy team a lot of admin time and duplication of effort, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

From a Supplier Relationship Management perspective, the clarity and control offered by SourceDogg allow our customer’s team to better manage costs and risk simultaneously and make best value decisions on much more than price alone.

With Supplier Master Data, the team operates as one unified group across divisions, countries and time zones. Having all of the supply chain information, all in one place is essential to the ongoing internal efficiency of the employees and also developing insight into those suppliers who consistently perform well.

The SourceDogg platform puts our customer in a great position to continue to efficiently and effectively build on their industry-leading processes, developing long-term, strategic relationships with the supply chain partners that deliver on their contract commitments.