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A Leading UK Infrastructure Solutions Company

Reducing workload whilst confidently delivering a quality-assured supply chain


About the Company

Our customer helps to improve lives with smart infrastructure solutions across the UK’s energy, water, transportation and defence sectors. They help to safeguard the security, increase the capacity, improve customer service and drive efficiency in their clients’ infrastructure programmes. They employ around 4,000+ people and are one of the nation’s Top 100 Most Admired companies and have been named in the Times Top Employers for Women 2018.


Maidenhead, UK


Civil Engineering

Use Cases

Source and Select
Supplier Master Data
Supplier Relationship Management

Our customer is the UK’s leading smart infrastructure solutions company. They focus on blue-chip clients whose major spending plans are underpinned by strategic national needs, regulatory commitments or essential maintenance requirements. They offer a broad range of innovative services across the whole life cycle of their clients’ assets by integrating complex delivery with consultancy, technology and asset optimisation services.

The Supply Chain Challenge

As a growing, future-focused, evolving business, our customer has adapted to its client challenges by blending its complex project delivery services with strategic consultancy and technological innovation.

This strategic shift demanded their supply chain management team to re-imagine and transform how they worked with their supplier base.

At the heart of the challenge was the requirement for digital transformation in SCM, to improve the quality of their data and to provide their growing team with a single source of truth. This, coupled with the need to remove duplicated efforts and shift the management of information from internal to the supply base led them to SourceDogg’s Supplier Master Data solution in the cloud.

Their team also wanted to confidently reassure their clients that they had a fully assured quality supply chain that was simple to audit and sense-check.

Our customer’s demanded the system to be easy to adopt by the user base and adapt into the current processes and workflows to show ROI immediately.

The SourceDogg Solution

By implementing SoureDogg, our customer gained a huge amount of internal process efficiencies but they could also position themselves competitively as a digitised, forward-thinking and innovative business to their client.

Our customer success team helped them implement the platform quickly and easily and adoption was almost instant. We helped them set up templates to speed up their process development resulting in positive feedback from the team as it empowered their people to do their jobs. More productive, less busy!

From a Supplier Master Data point of view, our platform met the team objectives:

  • Provided a single source of information on suppliers across the business
  • Reduced the amount of time to find suppliers
  • Reduced the duplication of work
  • Moved the onus on data updates to the supply base
  • Making auditing, visibility and compliance simpler and quicker

In addition to the gains in performance and confidence in data, the structured buying process in Source + Select has decreased the demands on the teams within the tender processes.

Our customer’s team is also working more strategically and closely than ever with their supply base as their engagement, development and performance management are all handled through our Supplier Relationship Management features.