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A Leading UK Principal Contractor for Infrastructure Projects

Digital Supply Chain Transformation to Support Rapid Business Growth


About the Company

Our customer is a leading UK Principal Contractor for Infrastructure Projects in the Rail, Power, Nuclear, Public, Civil and Transportation sectors. They live by their motto 'to aspire to excellence in everything they do' - that's why their innovations won the Driving Efficiencies Award and Runner Up for SME of The Year at the RPA 2018.


London, UK



Use Cases

Source and Select
Supplier Master Data
Supplier Relationship Management

Our customer is an award-winning SME, Principal Contractor and leading provider of design, civil & electrical engineering services to clients in the UK transport sector.

Their in-house capabilities, scale and supply chain partnerships allow them to deliver complex, multi-disciplinary projects. They take a dynamic, flexible approach to projects on a turnkey, consultancy, main contract, sub-contract or resource supply basis to meet their client’s needs time-efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Supply Chain Challenge

Our customer’s forward-thinking supply chain operations team were looking for new solutions to manage supply chain risk as the business grows and expands across broader areas of service supply and geographical locations.

This involved the requirement to implement a cloud-based system to ensure they have clear visibility and oversight of all their suppliers and their credentials to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

As the business scales, the team was looking to gain effectiveness by reducing manual tasks that had crept into their process flows and simultaneously increasing efficiency for supply chain and estimating teams.

One of the identified bottlenecks and communication and collaboration challenges was the reliance on email exchanges between site teams and central procurement between individuals, so learning was not centralised and shared.

The main focus for our customer was to improve productivity throughout their Supplier Management practice, move to a more digital tendering/sub-contract enquiry source and selection process and more effectively manage supplier relationships based on performance statistics.

The SourceDogg Solution

Our customer has benefitted massively from implementing SourceDogg into their business and integrating the platform into every part of their supply chain operation.

The gains in efficiency by using Supplier Master Data have been huge as the suppliers can self-serve and manage their certification, data and tender responses.

This has also helped the team to proactively identify challenges and manage risk as they now have a clear overview of all of their suppliers in both Construction and non-construction.

Teamwork and collaboration between site teams and procurement have been improved, negating siloed behaviour and off-process actions. Site teams have access to all of the centralised information and they can easily search and find suppliers and sub-contractors by trade and geographical location.

The Source + Select features within SourceDogg provide an online, structured and efficient way to send out and analyse tender enquiries. The team are freed up from busy work and can be more productive in using their analytical skills using insightful data, all in one place.

This team's effectiveness continues over to high-pressure audits, but no matter what discipline they are audited against, they always have the information and data to hand which reduces the audit anxiety and simultaneously increases the speed of producing the required documentation.