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A world-class design and construction company for high-tech facilities

Transforming supply chain effectiveness in high-tech construction projects


About the Company

Our customer manages the design, construction and commissioning of high-tech facilities. Over the last 48 years, our customer has built expertise working for the world’s leading pharma, food, data centre and medical technology companies. Our customer has a global network providing customers with an international team of experts that can deliver construction projects.


Dublin, Ireland



Use Cases

Source and Select
Supplier Master Data
Supplier Relationship Management

Our customer is an employee-owned, international project delivery firm. Their team of 3,000 people manage the design, construction and commissioning of high-tech facilities.

The Supply Chain Challenge

Designing, building and commissioning technically complex, high-tech facilities worldwide demands a level of supply chain management like no other.

With a team of 3,000 people and a global reach, managing the supply base of highly specialised subcontractors for our customer’s exacting client base presents a specific set of challenges.

The main challenges for the team at our customer were:

  • Bringing together a single source of data across the group to increase efficiency and effectiveness on projects whilst delivering consistency and best value to the client.
  • The ability to run tenders proficiently to minimise workloads
  • Producing transparent and insightful reports on supplier/sub-consultant spend
  • Demonstrating audit compliance quickly and easily
  • Reduce duplication in the pre-qualification processes.
  • Demonstrate technical excellence to their clients

The SourceDogg Solution

One of the biggest gains in productivity for our customer was the implementation of SourceDogg’s Supplier Master Data across their operations.

By using SourceDogg, their supply chain data is consistent and structured. This minimises duplication through multiple pre-qualification questionnaires which also improves supplier relationships as it ensures the supplier can work centrally and efficiently with the entire organisation and not in silos with different local or project teams. The supply chain is using a more self-service model which gives our customer the peace of mind that up of date supplier information is being provided and they can follow up proactively where necessary.

The team at our customer can now quickly and easily find sub-consultants and suppliers by category of supply, expertise and even collect key metrics, accreditations, certificates through tailored Supplier Master Data questionnaires.

By having a central repository of suppliers and sub-consultants and a simplified, out-of-the-inbox method to collect, store and keep up-to-date information on compliance – the team can focus on project delivery and best value decision making in the supply chain.

SourceDogg’s Source + Select features reduce the time it takes to run new tender processes and the overall workload in finding historic tender information across the Group.

Our customer’s audits are now quicker and more efficient to collate and no longer the laborious, multi-source formatting challenge they were before. They are now able to demonstrate compliance with key procurement and regulatory requirements almost instantly.

From a supplier relationship management point of view, the company can accurately report on their supply chain and sub-consultants in an improved, insightful and efficient way.

One key output from implementing the SourceDogg platform is improved supplier compliance and spend control – meaning reduced business risk.

It’s also a great tool the team at our customer are actively showcasing to their clients to demonstrate their forward-thinking team’s dedication to great service and digital transformation in procurement.