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A worldwide supply-chain focused state agency

Game-changing visibility and data accuracy drives clear traceability and improved compliance

A worldwide supply-chain focused state agency

About the Company

The role of our customer is to act as a link between homegrown food, drink & horticulture suppliers and existing and potential customers worldwide. They drive, through market insight, and, in partnership with industry, the commercial success of a world-class food, drink and horticulture industry. They have extensive and in-depth knowledge of the Irish and global food industries and provide their clients with details of exports, production, quality standards, health regulations and controls, and new developments in the industry.


Dublin, Ireland



Use Cases

Source and Select
Supplier Master Data

Our customer is a state agency to promote sales of food, drink & horticulture both abroad and in the home country itself.

The Supply Chain Challenge

Our customer was looking to consolidate their ever-growing dataset of suppliers in one simple to use, efficient and effective cloud solution that stood up to the rigours of frequent audits.

This requirement for regular compliance audits meant previous preparation processes could be lengthier than the team desired. It would often mean jumping between systems and formats – wasting valuable time that could be spent in a more commercially productive manner.

Their digital transformation specification demanded that all transactions through their systems were tracked and easily retrievable, with clear roles and responsibilities against each action and approval.

The team also required their platform to provide a cleaner way to review and manage responses from suppliers and a more straightforward, evidence-based and data-driven scoring methodology to complement their processes without using multiple data sources and formats.

The SourceDogg Solution

By transforming their supply chain management into the cloud and adopting SourceDogg, our customer estimates a 50% efficiency gain when compared to their previous procurement processes.

The ability to centralise data has cut out a huge amount of “busy work” from within the team when preparing for audits. Everything they need is in one single, cloud-based source of truth.
The ability to score supplier responses within the system saves a huge amount of time and provides greater objectivity when making key decisions.

Almost every new procurement request is also made immeasurably simpler by cloning templates and processes from previous requests, meaning a huge amount of time-saving by not having to reinvent the wheel each time. The team can also review previous purchasing requests and compare and contrast the supplier performance to streamline new requests, saving even more time and ensuring strong data-led decisions and ongoing quality and compliance.

The supply chain team at our customer’s HQ have also been incredibly complimentary about our customer service and product support teams as our partnership grows in strength. We recognise the platform is only as good as the user base, and we’re proud to have helped their forward-thinking teams achieve their efficiency and compliance objectives.