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Driving faster and better data-driven supply chain decisions to deliver sustainable and risk-reduced projects.


About the Company

Arcadis is the world's leading company in delivering sustainable design, engineering, and consultancy solutions for natural and built assets. They have more than 27,000 people, in over 70 countries, dedicated to improving quality of life.


Amsterdam, NL


Civil Engineering

Use Cases

Source and Select
Supplier Master Data
Supplier Relationship Management

Global design, engineering and management consulting firm Arcadis work in partnership with their clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes. They apply their deep market sector insights and collective engineering, project and management services to create a sustainable future.

The Supply Chain Challenge

Arcadis’ focus is on creating a performance culture through innovation and growth. Its mission is to have a positive and sustainable impact on society.

Their forward-thinking supply chain team at Arcadis recognised that an essential element of their strategy is digital innovation and adopting an e-procurement system would not only meet their strategic objectives but also produce performance benefits for their teams and people.

One of the main challenges with operating huge teams across multiple countries is consistency and Arcadis wanted to ensure procurement was not handled differently by individual projects or teams. They were also looking to structure and streamline their tender processes and speed up their supply chain communications.

This became a need to introduce a global unified procurement process in stages (country by country) and move to a single cloud-based system to facilitate it.

The team at Arcadis were also looking to improve performance by ensuring master data on their supply chain was easily auditable and standardised. Their client’s need for proof of due diligence was paramount and increasing in quantity of requests, so reducing the amount of time and effort to deliver this to their client base was essential.

The SourceDogg Solution

By implementing SoureDogg, Arcadis gained a huge amount of internal process efficiencies.

From a Supplier Master Data point of view, their global team:

  • Has one singular source of truth for all documentation, allowing them to ensure suppliers have completed required documentation such as NDA’s easily, quickly and at scale.
  • Can identify incomplete, irrelevant or outdated information to flag and mitigate business risk.

In addition to the gains in performance and compliance in data, the structured buying process in Source + Select has:

  • Removed the disconnect between the supplier data due diligence and the buying process
  • Made it easy to demonstrate supply chain compliance to customers
  • Simplify and speed up onboarding
  • Helped the team make consistent, evidence-based buying decisions on supplier data
  • Delivered visibility on their process stages to ensure that the team are only placing orders when PQQ's are completed.