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Powering a commercially-focused procurement and contract management consultancy.


About the Company

Authenticate is an independent procurement consultancy specialising in providing clients with trusted advice on sourcing, managing and measuring workplace services contracts. Leveraging direct commercial experience and insight from working at the highest level in the industry, Authenticate provides unique expertise and knowledge to support clients in managing complex service contracts.


Dublin, Ireland


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Source and Select

Authenticate is an independent procurement consultancy that develops sourcing strategies, manages tender processes, supports clients with contract management and delivers periodic performance audits and measurements.

Their focus is on procurement, contract and performance management for facilities and contract catering services.

The Supply Chain Challenge

The supply chain challenge at Authenticate was driven by changes in work practices that were intensified by the COVID-19 lockdowns and remote working policies.

The Authenticate consultants, clients and suppliers were driven to digitally shift their operational working methods and the experienced team of procurement professionals knew they needed to transition to a platform rather than manage this “new normal” with legacy tools such as email, Excel and Word to maintain clarity and efficiency in their work.

The team wanted to find a way to share and organise best practice across the consultancy to enhance effectiveness and learning on each project. The solution had to be cloud-based due to the new remote working focus.

One of the biggest hurdles was that the solution needed to be quick to implement as the requirement was immediate, flexible and adaptable to changing client needs and easy-to-use to get up to speed quickly.

The SourceDogg Solution

One of the largest improvements from implementing SourceDogg was the clarity in communication it has provided for the team at Authenticate. They have a single source of truth, all tracked and recorded, outside of the inbox or a local PC. This allows for simple communication with all of their clients’ suppliers in an online, easy-to-use portal.

As procurement consultants, the SourceDogg solution provides a professional and forward-thinking platform that enhances the service offering whilst being is easy-to-learn and simple to master.

It demonstrates Authenticate are practising the procurement excellence they preach.

For their tender process management service, the team can quickly re-use, edit and enhance previous RFIs and Tenders saving time and standardising the process. This ensures best value and provides a consistent service for their clients

Authenticate can also deliver support for their clients even more effectively when they help their clients with self-delivered services. Part of the consultancy offering is supporting in-house teams rather than full outsourcing to Authenticate. The SourceDogg platform allows new consultants and suppliers to interact and respond seamlessly, remotely and with ease. This helps bridge the competence gap for Authenticate’s clients and simultaneously opens up new, cost-effective market opportunities for them beyond traditional consultancy.