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Improving processes, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.


About the Company

MMR Research is a global consumer market research that combines genuine sector expertise and industry-leading consumer research solutions. They work with brands of all sizes to engineer sensory experiences that perfectly land a brand promise. MMR is where sensory science meets creative research - to deliver real commercial impact.


Oxfordshire, UK


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MMR Research is a global consumer market research agency that specializes in food, beverage, personal and household care research.

MMR is the place where sensory science meets exciting, powerful commercial applications. From branding and innovation to product development and retail strategy – their mantra is to make their client’s entire brand experience more memorable. More extraordinary.

The Supply Chain Challenge

The supply chain challenge at MMR was multifaceted and had its roots in communication and collaboration and internal process efficiency.

Like most companies, MMR generated huge volumes of email traffic internally, which made it difficult to keep up and stay on top of high-value projects. This reliance on email was also prevalent with suppliers and partners and whilst trying to simultaneously manage administrative tasks, the busy work began to intrude on the productive and proactive work for clients.

This email dependence also meant there was little standardisation of how they communicated with suppliers and partners.

The lack of standardisation and repeating habitual manual tasks highlighted processes that their expert researchers faced every day with their clients – the difficulty in analysing results and benchmarking for better performance over time.

The team at MMR wanted a system that was flexible to their ever-growing business across multiple continents, adaptable to the needs of their changing landscape of clients and affordable to their business needs.

The SourceDogg Solution

The biggest measurable improvement from implementing SourceDogg was the tangibly improved time saving and efficiency across the team and supply chain.

MMR managed to get up to speed quickly and with minimal disruption to their business processes. They developed, configured and implemented the platform which allowed them to replace manual processes and regain productivity. SoureDogg re-focused their team on what they do best, not on the admin clouding their everyday.

The team at MMR achieved their aim of easily comparing suppliers and partners submissions in a uniform format and on one platform.

This contributed toward a simpler, more collaborative, end-to-end process in one system that is quicker, transparent and allows better data-driven decisions on their supply chain.