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Powering the UK’s Largest Infrastructure Project

Building robust supply chain processes for an extraordinary, complex + demanding project


About the Company

Our customer is a joint venture (JV) that brings together an industry-leading combination of tried, tested and successful partnerships, worldwide high-speed rail experience and extensive national and regional knowledge.


London, UK


Civil Engineering

Use Cases

Source and Select
Supplier Master Data
Supplier Relationship Management

Our customer and their partners are an Integrated Project Team, delivering 26.4km of HS2’s journey, of which 95% (21km) of the route will be in-tunnel, to its southern terminus in Euston. The individual partners have delivered high-speed rail and major infrastructure internationally and have a proven record of working together.

The JV will complete challenging works taking the railway from Northolt to Euston via Old Oak Common, building a variety of structures requiring expert precision and care.

The Supply Chain Challenge

The HS2 project is one of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects ever embarked upon in the UK. As such, the supply chain challenge that coincides with the project is an extremely large and simultaneously multifaceted one.

The Joint Venture means that the project team needed to manage three substantial and intricate supply chains internally, whilst dealing with new suppliers and sub-contractors as this exacting project demanded.

One of the main challenges is ensuring all suppliers and sub-contractors are qualified, suitable to supply and in line with Government guidelines. This meant a robust data collection method was required to provide insight to power an involved and highly regulated decision-making process.

As multiple teams were working on the project, the team required a central single source of data to manage the project supply chains.

Managing the data and sourcing and selection of suppliers was only part of the challenge. Once on-site and amid running contracts, the team wanted to drive continuous improvement on multi-year projects across a variety of metrics, including health and safety and environmental compliance.

The SourceDogg Solution

The immediate and most important solution was the implementation of Supplier Master Data. This collation process and centralisation of the data for the entire joint venture provides the foundations for the sourcing and selection process of subcontractors and suppliers.

The multi-disciplinary, departmental and company teams can access their supply chain data in one consistent format which is a massive time-saver, helping to reduce administrative burden and ensuring optimal operational efficiency.

This single source of truth, brings increased insight and visibility to the Joint Venture's end-to-end procurement, sourcing processes and decision-making. The one centralised hub tracks and manages all aspects of the supply chain management process across multiple locations, teams and phases of the project.

When collaborating through the sourcing and selection tools within SourceDogg, our customer’s team are empowered to make evidence and data-led decisions that take into account supplier accreditation, competencies and credentials and, crucially, performance metrics from previous contracts.

This helps the team reduce decision-making errors that could lead to delays/project overruns and helps to mitigate project risk.

Furthermore, with such a high-speed, complex and high-profile project, the pressure is on the teams to deliver on their commitments and to prove their expertise and process quality. With SourceDogg they can quickly and easily produce full audit trails to do so.

Finally, the team can implement a strategic performance improvement programme for their supply chain, so they enhance both processes and efficiency internally and collaborate with suppliers who constantly deliver to their objectives externally.