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SourceDogg for Manufacturing

Making better manufacturing supply chains

In a competitive and ever-changing manufacturing market, every penny counts. 

The SourceDogg platform helps your team achieve supply chain success by helping unify and centralise your data, streamline your processes and develop stronger and more aligned relationships with your suppliers.

We help create productive, happy, collaborative supply chain teams that are more in control of their supplier information, on top of their day-to-day challenges and working towards common goals with strategic supply chain partners.

This helps deliver competitive advantage, company success and better people performance.

You're in good company...

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Powering Profitablility

Time is money and even marginal efficiency gains can be the difference between success and failure

Our platform will not only streamline and support your people and processes but also put you in the driving seat to compare and contrast your supply chain easily to deliver best value.

Reduced Risk

Eliminate audit anxiety.

By shifting your supplier management into our cloud platform, you can breeze through any type of investigation or interrogation with clear roles and responsibilities, data management trails, and ultimate control.

Safety + Sustainability

SourceDogg helps you create a supplier master database to house the relevant data points, bakes in safety and sustainability questions and allows weighting of these factors into your sourcing and selection process.

Your teams will deliver smarter, sustainable decision making.

Quality Assured

Judging, selecting and maintaining best value across your organisation is now a reality.

With the right data at your fingertips, comprehensive sourcing and selection tools and ongoing performance management features, our platform makes getting it right much simpler than ever before.

Get your supply chain off the ground...
and into the

It’s time to think outside the inbox and re-imagine the way you work with your supply chain.

Increasing Process Performance

Powering Profitability

With margins forever being squeezed with the cost of raw materials going up, driving efficiencies has never been so important in lean manufacturing.

Supplier Master Data makes information easy to access and simple to share across your entire organisation and straightforward for your suppliers to input and update. This eliminates the people cost of day-to-day busywork of searching through endless shared drives and inboxes and focus on what matters – making better supply chain decisions.

Our Sourcing & Selection tools allow for speedy and efficient tendering and easy submission comparison/review, so you can drive better value.

Our SRM allows for ongoing reviews of price vs. performance so your suppliy chain is always optimised for the best value holistically.

Enhanced Visibility + Control

Brilliantly on Budget

By having all of your data in one place across the business, comparisons and cross-checks have never been so easy. You can retrieve documentation, quotes and SLA’s from your suppliers in just a few clicks and review your progress against them.

Our Supplier Relationship Management features also help identify and develop your supply base and subcontractors that are prone to budgetary anomalies and that suffer from mission or price creep. You’ll have transparent and clear reference data points and an agreed and aligned vision to open constructive conversation rather than unhelpful anecdotes and punitive punishments that lead to disagreement.

Meet Quality Targets

Up to Standard

Great quality builds trust from your customers so meeting their expectations consistently continues to be one of the major objectives in the manufacturing industry.

So planning, managing and developing your supply chain strategy is a vital part of creating that trust and delivering success.

Our platform helps by giving you all of the relevant information on your supply base in one place, accessible and shareable across the entire organisation.

It helps you standardise the Source + Select process against best practice, making setting up new RFQ’s/RFP’s/Tenders a breeze and structuring your operations means you can deploy to tight timescales and meet deadlines.

Our Supplier Relationship Management features help you measure, feedback and develop the supply chain to drive quality gains and improve future decision making based on data – not anecdotes.

Built for the Future

Safe + Sustainable

The pressure to make better supply chain decisions based on both safety and environmental impact and sustainability in our industry has never been greater. By creating a supplier master database to house the relevant data points bake in safety and sustainability questions and allow weighting of these factors into your sourcing and selection process – you’ll drive smarter decision making.

Add to this transparent key performance indicators for your supplier base, simple measurement and performance reviews and ongoing development tools and you’ve got a holistic platform to meet your carbon-reduction goals through collaboration.

Eliminate Audit Anxiety

Risk Reduced

Failing an audit, whether that be an internal audit, quality standard or health & safety can have huge consequences for your business. Projects and contracts can grind to a halt, reputations damaged and business can be lost.

By shifting your supplier management into our cloud platform, you can breeze through any type of investigation or interrogation with clear roles and responsibilities, data management trails, and ultimate control.

Audit reports can be prepared more quickly, leaving your team free to do their job – not get caught up in red tape.

How Manufacturing Customers Use SourceDogg

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