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SourceDogg for Quality Management

Up to Standard.

SourceDogg helps power quality management processes for many businesses across multiple sectors.

Our cloud-based technology platform turns your data into informative insight that guides evidence-led, knowledgeable and confident decision making to help your business deliver customer-focused continuous improvement.

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Our platform makes it easy to collect vital quality data across your business. 

With self-service supplier portals, infinitely customisable fields and a cloud-based platform – entering data is simpler and quicker than ever before too.


Turn your data into insight.

The SourceDogg platform allows you to add meaning and context to your data.

It’s organised, structured, cleaned and processed ready for your teams to analyse and gain insight into those vital quality metrics and identify areas to improve.



SourceDogg unlocks your team’s potential to understand your current situation and start to plan strategically.

This plan to improve quality measures where it’ll really make a difference is rooted in real-life evidence, minimising risks and gambles and maximising effective gains.


Time for action.

When you’ve applied the knowledge that you’ve gained through using SourceDogg, our platform also helps you manage and continually evolve your supplier relationships so you can see the impact your decisions have had on your quality KPI’s.

How SourceDogg Improves

By definition, quality management ensures “that an organisation, product or service is consistent. It has four main components: quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement.

Quality management is focused not only on product and service quality but also on the means to achieve it.”

So how do you continually drive quality?

We’ve seen our clients succeed in improving quality and their overall business performance by improving efficiency and effectiveness holistically.

Our software platform supports quality management principles across the entire operation.

Align Expectations with Supplier Metrics.

Customer Focus

In a competitive market, a relentless and single-minded focus on meeting your customer’s needs delivers success. This focus on quality output starts with your supply chain and aligning customer expectations with your supplier metrics.

Whether it’s meeting urgent deadlines, problematic specifications, certificates, accreditations, or requirements for environmental or carbon reduction metrics, the emphasis on consistency in delivering to your customer’s demands starts with capturing the right data throughout the supply chain.

You can then use this data to drive insight and analysis on which suppliers perform best against these metrics, working to build solid quality and performance improvement processes over time with partners that really add value.

Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Unlock People Potential

SourceDogg helps streamline your sourcing and selection processes so less time is spent on repetitive duplication and admin tasks and more time can be spent on planning, doing, acting and checking the quality processes.

Our cloud platform enables better collaboration between internal teams and supplier relationships to enhance the crucial engagement of your people. Centralised data and communications help everyone know what’s expected of them and gets everyone working toward the same goals.

By having all of your data in a single source of truth, reporting, auditing and other everyday tasks are made so much simpler. Accessible from anywhere, 24/7/365 – your teams will be effective and productive and able to manage your supply chain and focus on quality and continual improvement rather than searching for the right information or making poor-quality decisions based on only knowing half of the story.

Knowledge is power.

Driving Decision Making

SourceDogg gives you the clarity you need on the data that matters to approach your quality programme in an evidence-led manner. 

Having complete, relevant and accessible data structured into insightful reports quickly and easily gives your team the best chance at making confident decisions to improve quality across the business.

Whether it’s supplier accreditation, performance or more complex weighted decisions based on multi-factorial value judgements, our platform gives you the information you need to make those important calls and the data-driven direction to push the business forward to a more customer-focused future.

Time is money.

Powering Processes

Embedding quality management principles is a big-picture culture change and not fit and forget, one-off change. SourceDogg enables your teams to work effectively on structured processes that streamline your operation internally and allow the continuous curiosity into how we can do better tomorrow.

By using our cloud-based supply chain software, your team will also save time, effort and frustration in running your processes on a dedicated platform instead of a confusing mix of individual applications on multiple PC’s.

It’s time to think outside the inbox and we can assure you that Excel really doesn’t… excel at quality management.

Define, measure, analyse, improve, control.

Continual Improvement

Amongst the dizzying amount of quality improvement models, methods and techniques there is one obvious, consistent theme that emerges.

The enduring “define, measure, analyse, improve, control” method and the understanding that incremental changes over time deliver the desired outcome is that theme.

SourceDogg facilitates this technique by providing:

Supplier management isn’t carrot vs. stick.

Relationship Management

No supplier base is infinite and finding new suppliers can often be more time-consuming and costly than managing and improving the ones you already have. SourceDogg helps you identify partners that are interested in reciprocal relationships then work to improve that relationship over time whilst focusing on quality outcomes.

SourceDogg connects you to your suppliers, unifying communications and drives transparent teamwork for quality outcomes.

Our platform:

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