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SourceDogg for Risk Management + Compliance

Reducing Risk

SourceDogg helps businesses across multiple sectors identify, analyse, evaluate and manage their risk to deliver greater operational effectiveness and profitability.

By using the power of our cloud-based technology platform, we help you turn your data into informative insight that guides evidence-led, knowledgeable and confident risk management decision making to help your business thrive, gain a competitive advantage and increase profitability.

You're in good company...

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Our platform makes it easy to collect vital risk and compliance data across your business.

With self-service supplier portals, infinitely customisable fields and a cloud-based platform – entering data is simpler and quicker than ever before too.


Turn your data into insight.

The SourceDogg platform allows you to add meaning and context to your data.

It’s organised, structured, cleaned and processed ready for your teams to analyse and gain insight into those vital risk metrics and identify, assess and analyse areas to improve.


SourceDogg unlocks your team’s potential to understand your current risk position and start to plan strategically.

This plan to manage risk where it’ll really make a difference is rooted in real-life data, helping you to choose the right course of action based on the evidence of your risk profile.


Time for action.

When you’ve applied the knowledge that you’ve gained through using SourceDogg, our platform also helps you evaluate and evolve your supplier relationships so you can see the impact your decisions have had on your risk profile and perception.

Our SRM features deliver clear corrective action assessments so you can manage, measure and improve.

How SourceDogg

By definition, risk management is “the identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimise, monitor, and control the probability or impact of unfortunate events or to maximize the realization of opportunities.”

We’ve seen our clients succeed in efficiently and effectively managing risk across multiple areas of their operation by using the power of data to identify, analyse, assess and act accordingly to deliver business growth.

Get Ahead of the Game...

Risk Identification

No one can predict the future, but being aware of the risk profile of your supply chain makes a huge difference in how perceptive your teams can be in identifying potential areas of risk.

Our cloud supply chain software platform provides a single source of truth for all of your supplier data, to give your team access to all key metrics, variables and criteria in play in complex supply chain operations so that you can be one step ahead of the game and identify risk early, plan effectively and minimise or control the impact of your decisions.

SourceDogg makes it simple for your teams to onboard suppliers and gather data vital to risk management then structure and format their profiles, categories and properties to effectively handle threats, vulnerabilities, unwanted incidents or harm

Empower Your Teams

Risk Analysis + Assessment

If you can measure it, you can manage it. With a single source of truth in the cloud, your teams are empowered to analyse quantitative and qualitative data to drive clear evidence-based decision making.

With simple export features or links to PowerBI and other business intelligence tools for greater depth of analysis, SourceDogg unlocks the potential of your people to do their risk analysis work more efficiently and effectively.

You’ll have exceptional clarity on frequencies and consequences of risk within your supply chain and establish a picture of your risk to then take into the evaluation stage.

Understand, Define, Develop + Act

Risk Evaluation

Our platform helps your entire organisation understand the risk criteria and determine whether that risk or its impacts are tolerable or acceptable. With insightful, informative data, free of bias and anecdote, you can start to evaluate the likelihood of occurrence and levels of impact.

Your team can then prioritise risks based on criteria and levels to be able to plan and control effectively.

Using SourceDogg supports you to assess the manageability, define the risk control strategy, develop action plans and allocate tasks internally for how you aim to track, report and improve your risk profile.

Fuelling Continual Improvement

Monitoring & Reviewing Risk

Will you accept, mitigate, transfer or avoid risk?

And… did your decision achieve your goal?

Once you’ve built the plan and controls for managing your risk, you’ll want to know that your course of corrective action was right and from there how your organisation will drive continual improvement.

SourceDogg’s data platform, supported by our supplier relationship management feature helps you achieve exactly that. You’ll get clear and unbiased performance reviews against the most risk-critical KPI criteria and be able to test, learn and validate your risk management strategies and hypothesis in real-time.

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