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SourceDogg for Sustainability + Carbon Reduction

Supercharging Sustainable Supply Chains

SourceDogg helps power sustainability practices and carbon reduction processes for many businesses across multiple sectors.

Our cloud-based technology platform turns your data into informative insight that guides evidence-led, knowledgeable and confident decision making to help your business deliver resilient, sustainable and greener supply chains through continuous improvement.

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Our platform makes it easy to collect vital sustainability and carbon usage data across your business. 

With self-service supplier portals, infinitely customisable fields and a cloud-based platform – entering data is simpler and quicker than ever before too.


Turn your data into insight. The SourceDogg platform allows you to add meaning and context to your data.

It’s organised, structured, cleaned and processed ready for your teams to analyse and gain insight into those vital sustainability metrics and identify areas to improve.


SourceDogg unlocks your team’s potential to understand your current situation and start to plan strategically.

This plan to improve sustainability and carbon footprint measures where it’ll really make a difference is rooted in real-life evidence, maximising effective gains and working toward a net-zero outcome.


Time for action.

When you’ve applied the knowledge that you’ve gained through using SourceDogg, our platform also helps you manage and continually evolve your supplier relationships and competencies.

You’ll then see the effect your decisions have had on your sustainability and environmental impact KPI’s.

How SourceDogg
Sustainability + Carbon Reduction

By definition, “Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.”

Holistic sustainable development isn’t solely around environmental needs, although this is often the assumption and much of the focus for businesses can be around carbon reduction. True sustainability also encompasses social and economic factors in the supply chain.

So how do you balance all of these complex, and often conflicting, needs?

How can you create a viable, equitable, bearable and therefore sustainable business?

We’ve seen our clients succeed in improving across multiple sustainability metrics and their overall business performance. Our software platform supports sustainable management principles and carbon reduction goals across the entire operation.

SourceDogg powers up your processes – enhancing each stage with vital data and simple-to-use templates and structures. We help you to identify, analyse, assess, act, measure and continually improve against your sustainability objectives.

Map the Supply Chain...


The first step in embedding sustainable practice into your business is to map the supply chain.

Being aware of the significant sustainability impacts and assessing the risk profile of your supply chain makes a huge difference in how perceptive your teams can be in identifying potential areas of improvement against carbon reduction goals and demands from your customers.

Our cloud supply chain software platform provides a single source of truth for all of your supplier data, to give your team access to all key metrics, variables and criteria in play in complex supply chain operations so that you can be one step ahead of the game and identify impact and risk early, plan effectively and make stronger, evidence-led decisions to achieve sustainability goals.

SourceDogg makes it simple for your teams to onboard suppliers and gather data vital to sustainability and carbon reduction programmes. You can then structure and format supplier profiles, categories and properties to effectively balance your decisions based on environmental, social and economic factors.

Empower Your Teams

Sustainability Analysis + Assessment

If you can measure it, you can manage it. With a single source of truth in the cloud, your teams are empowered to analyse quantitative and qualitative data to drive clear evidence-based decision making.

With simple export features or links to PowerBI and other business intelligence tools for greater depth of analysis, SourceDogg unlocks the potential of your people to do their sustainability gap analysis work more efficiently and effectively.


You’ll have exceptional clarity on the things that really matter in responding to your prospect’s tenders and RFP’s. This means you can derive measures to improve sustainability and begin to plan the adaptation of internal structures, processes and supply chain improvements to meet ever-changing sustainability demands and win more business.

Knowledge is power.

Driving Sustainable Decision Making

SourceDogg gives you the clarity you need on the data that matters to approach your sustainability programme in an evidence-led manner. Having complete, relevant and accessible data structured into insightful reports quickly and easily gives your team the best chance at making confident decisions to improve sustainability across the business.

Whether it’s supplier’s environmental accreditation, performance and carbon policies or their commitment to socially beneficial employment and diversity – SourceDogg can store and structure your data so you’re in control of complex decisions and confident in answering client audits.

Our platform gives you the information you need to make those important calls and the data-driven direction to push the business forward to a more sustainable and profitable future.

Define, measure, analyse, improve, control.

Continual Improvement

Although there are no definitive methods and techniques for implementing sustainable practice in an organisation there is one obvious, consistent theme that emerges.

This enduring “define, measure, analyse, improve, control” process and the understanding that incremental changes over time deliver the desired sustainability outcome is that theme.

SourceDogg facilitates this technique by providing:

Sustainable supplier management isn’t carrot vs. stick.

Relationship Management

No supplier base is infinite and finding new suppliers can often be more time-consuming and costly than managing and improving the ones you already have. SourceDogg helps you identify partners that are interested in reciprocal relationships then work to improve that relationship over time whilst focusing on sustainable outcomes.

SourceDogg connects you to your suppliers, unifying communications and driving transparent teamwork to deliver sustainable results and carbon reduction.

Our platform:

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