SourceDogg Solutions For Supplier Relationship Management

Effectively monitor and manage relationships with suppliers improving processes and performance with SourceDogg’s Supplier Relationship Management Module.

Record, review and report on all your supplier interactions and milestones.

Sustaining good relationships with suppliers is essential for company success.
SourceDogg’s SRM module creates closer, more collaborative relationships with key suppliers in order to reveal and recognise new value and reduce risk.

End to end and future proof:

  • Continuous Supplier Improvement
  • Generate/ review invitation list and publish survey
  • Rate suppliers based on set criteria
  • Auto or manual evaluation score
  • Feedback reports auto generated for each supplier
  • Supplier usage by staff interaction reports

Quick to implement and low maintenance

SourceDogg is offered as a subscription based service and innovative business model to help you modernize and grow your business.
SourceDogg helps your front end procurement process operate with maximum efficiency.

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