Supplier Master Data Management

Increase supplier interactions and maintain a strong supplier base.

Traditionally organisations either use a standalone supplier database or a simple spreadsheet or word document to manage their supplier on-boarding process and information.

Typical challenges facing organisations are:

  • Manual exchange of documents
  • Lack of accuracy and out of date information
  • Change in data structure or format
  • Unmanageable spreadsheets, especially for big data sets
  • Introduction of potential security risks or loss of information
  • Version control and distribution problems

Learn how SourceDogg Transforms this Process

SourceDogg’s Supplier Profile Management enables organisations to manage key profile details used to establish or maintain a business relationship with suppliers. The Buying organisation defines the details to be included in the profile, which can be a combination of ERP data and data populated by the Supplier.

Users of the buying organization can then easily view supplier interaction in a timeline format, search keywords in supplier datasheets, contracts, tag the supplier with key project information or create distribution groups.

All of the organisations supplier information is stored centrally, in one common format.

Business Benefits

  • Comprehensive supplier directory
  • Simplifies supplier information management
  • Reduced cost of administration support
  • Reduces liabilities caused by non-conformance

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