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Collaboration + Continual Improvement

Developing Supplier Success

Our platform is designed to help you achieve strategic supplier synergy.

Successful supply chains are built on long-term collaboration and continual improvement, not punitive punishment and small short-term battles.

We’ll help you set and communicate expectations and give clear objectives and direction to develop effective supplier relationships.

Great Expectations

Reduce your risk and get in control.

From onboarding through to your first project and beyond, our platform helps you set clear expectations with your supply chain partners so everyone knows what is expected of them.

Clear Direction + Objectives

Our SRM module makes it easy to give clear direction to your suppliers and set objectives and goals to ensure everyone is working for the common good.

No more long and difficult-to-understand emails from various team members and moving goalposts – just transparent communication as it should be.

Effective Partnerships

Good suppliers are hard to find. Great suppliers are often built over time, not just stumbled upon or sourced under time and project pressure.

Our platform excels in markets that demand complex, ongoing partnerships that flourish and grow as all stakeholders succeed.

Strategic Supplier Synergy

Powering partnerships that are greater than the sum of its parts.

SourceDogg’s SRM empowers your team to work smarter and closer with your suppliers and to keep everything both under control and delivering beyond your benchmarks.

Let your suppliers know what "good" looks like...

Sharp Focus.

SourceDogg frees up your team to develop a simple and common understanding of what, when and how performance will be measured.

By bringing your individual, team, project, division or business goals into sharp focus for the supply base, they can understand the impact of their work.

You’ll ensure there’s no guesswork for the supplier on the right course of action.

Clarity on the supplier's contribution

Alignment + Commitment

When you have your SMART objectives outlined and communicated, the SourceDogg SRM helps you create mutual obligations for achieving them.

Your team will be able to plan strategically to align goals and values between supply chain partners and commit to realistic targets.

No more empty promises lost in ex-employees inboxes – our platform provides a hub for communication, responsibility and accountability.

Metrics > Anecdotes


We know not everything that matters in a supplier relationship can be quantified, but there is a huge amount that can be measured to drive success.

Our SRM helps your team assess facts rather than anecdotes, evaluate effectively without emotion and appraise against the agreed objectives.

You’ll save your time and energy on those lose-lose arguments and have a constructive, solid foundation of measurement to work collaboratively toward a better outcome.

Evolve, Develop + Reward


Great long-term supplier relationships are built on reciprocity – “your success is my success.”

No supplier base is infinite, so it’s often less time-consuming and better for business to evolve and grow your current suppliers rather than be forced to source anew each time.

Our SRM is built to handle complex, value-based, multi-factorial supplier relationships and supply chains where the price is just one of myriad considerations. You’ll be able to have more constructive conversations with your suppliers, develop their depth and breadth of services or goods and reward achievement.

How Customers Use Supplier Development

Expense Reduction Analysts

Streamlining global sourcing standardisation to deliver effective client results efficiently
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Driving faster and better data-driven supply chain decisions to deliver sustainable and risk-reduced projects.
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Powering a commercially-focused procurement and contract management consultancy.
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More ways to use SourceDogg

A Single Source of Truth...

Supplier Master Data

Get control of your vital supplier information in one place. Easy to access and simple to share across your entire organisation.

An accurate, consistent, complete and relevant data source in the cloud that helps drive process efficiency and effective decision making.

Find, Compare, Deliver...

Source + Select

A smarter, streamlined and structured approach to compliment your sourcing and selection processes.

Straightforward to learn and use, SourceDogg unlocks the potential of your people and teams allowing them to plan and analyse the supply chain and confidently and consistently deliver best value.

The Power of Connection


SourceDogg Connect helps all your data work better together. 

It unifies and integrates your data to provide your teams with the clarity and confidence they need to do their best work.

It effortlessly pulls together data from any source, analyses, manipulates and filters the signal from the noise. It then delivers beautiful, interactive, easy to use dashboards that anyone can use.