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Supplier Engagement

Connect, Align Achieve

Our platform makes it quick to connect with, and onboard, suppliers. No more frustrating repetition between projects and teams, arduous admin or inbox influxes.

Just a simple, online portal that connects you to your suppliers that makes it effortless to get up and running without stress or delay.

Shared Purpose

SourceDogg helps you not only onboard your supply chain partners quickly and effectively, but also help them understand what good looks like to your projects and organisation.

Transparency + Visibility

Our SRM gives you the transparency you need to measure and monitor performance and offers visibility that is vital to success for all involved.


By having all of your data in one place, easily managed and clear for all to see – it’s easy to feedback and feedforward with your supply base.

Transforming Supplier Teamwork

SourceDogg fosters aligned, effective and collaborative work that drives success.

Connected Companies

Better Together

When everyone’s working toward the same goal, great things happen.

Imagine how much more effective your teams would be and your projects would run if everyone was on the same page both internally and externally.

Our SRM gives you the transparency you need to measure and monitor performance and offers visibility that is vital to success for all involved.

Future Focused.

Aligned Supply Chains

No supply base is infinite so SourceDogg helps you identify and work more with the suppliers who are willing and able to improve.

Our platform helps focus your suppliers on prioritising the things that matter most, whilst minimising the everyday admin and busy work that stifles team productivity.

Instead of tricky conversations about past performance, you can proactively communicate to solve mutual challenges and give praise where it’s due, motivating your supply chain and delivering better outcomes over time.

How Customers Use Supplier Relationship Management

Expense Reduction Analysts

Streamlining global sourcing standardisation to deliver effective client results efficiently
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Driving faster and better data-driven supply chain decisions to deliver sustainable and risk-reduced projects.
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Powering a commercially-focused procurement and contract management consultancy.
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More ways to use SourceDogg

A Single Source of Truth...

Supplier Master Data

Get control of your vital supplier information in one place. Easy to access and simple to share across your entire organisation.

An accurate, consistent, complete and relevant data source in the cloud that helps drive process efficiency and effective decision making.

Find, Compare, Deliver...

Source + Select

A smarter, streamlined and structured approach to compliment your sourcing and selection processes.

Straightforward to learn and use, SourceDogg unlocks the potential of your people and teams allowing them to plan and analyse the supply chain and confidently and consistently deliver best value.

The Power of Connection


SourceDogg Connect helps all your data work better together. 

It unifies and integrates your data to provide your teams with the clarity and confidence they need to do their best work.

It effortlessly pulls together data from any source, analyses, manipulates and filters the signal from the noise. It then delivers beautiful, interactive, easy to use dashboards that anyone can use.