SourceDogg Supplier Data Verification

Automate the collection of supply chain data

Supplier data from accounts payable is usually very raw, containing duplicates, inconsistencies, errors and out of date information, ultimately resulting in missed opportunities and potentially exposing the organisation to unnecessary additional risk.

SourceDogg takes an extract of the data, cleanses, classifies and enriches it all of this additional supplier information and either assigns the data to supplier profiles or presents the data back to clients in an agreed format.

The benefit of having the data uploaded into SourceDogg allows the organisation to continue to maintain higher quality data, categorise, search, create distribution groups, set alerts and report on supplier spend to level they have not been able to do to date.

Key Features

  • Customise and automate the surveying of suppliers to determine up-to-date categories
  • Verify and collect supply chain qualifications
  • Collect and ensure all supplier contract data is up-to-date.
  • Automate and collect new ideas and developments from new or existing suppliers
  • Create customised dashboard reports

Business Benefits

  • Accurate and consistent supplier data across your systems
  • Procurement teams and stakeholders can access supplier data
  • Searchable repository of supplier datasheets or brochures
  • Searchable directory of supplier qualifications or certifications
  • Reduces the risk of missed opportunities, or errors through out of date information

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