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The Ultimate Guide to ESG for the Construction Supply Chain

An extensive 66-page ultimate guide to strategising, planning, implementing and managing environmental, social and governance factors to help construction businesses, project teams, civil engineers and infrastructure-focused organisations meet your ESG mission and commitments.

This is a comprehensive guide that helps give your team the necessary structure and a vital, straightforward methodology to generate business growth in this hugely significant, and ever-more-imperative field.

In this insightful and practical walkthrough, we look at:

  • The definition and background of ESG
  • The role of ESG in the construction industry
  • The increasing pressure on companies to implement tightly monitored ESG programs across construction and infrastructure
  • How to focus on the ESG factors that will make a difference
  • How to develop an ESG Mission
  • The components of an ESG Strategy
  • a deeper dive into the wealth of ESG metrics…
  • … and how to prioritise these metrics for supplier success
  • How to turn your strategy into a defined plan that’s straightforward to execute
  • The importance of data and supplier relationship management for continual improvement
  • The benefits of technology in achieving the strategy in an effective manner

A must-download for any construction, civil engineering, infrastructure or planning business looking to take its ESG mission from preaching to practising and, most importantly, proving success.

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