Save money

Achieve administrative cost reductions with a more efficient, online sourcing process. Eliminate time spent on the phone, wading through paperwork, juggling spread sheets and waiting for tenders in the post.

Get far more competitive supplier quotations with a wider, truly global supplier pool; highly customisable e-requests that deliver the information you need from suppliers; and higher submission rates thanks to an easy, efficient and free supplier experience.

Rapid return on investment, achieved in weeks or even with a single e-request.


Save time

Greatly shorten the sourcing cycle with reusable e-requests and other features. The sourcing cycle is the time it takes to find the supplies you really need and at the right price.

Save time finding new suppliers by browsing the thousands registered in the SourceDogg Supplier Directory and attracting global suppliers with a published e-request.

Quickly negotiate the submission evaluation process with SourceDogg’s highly developed scoring system, easily negotiating what is traditionally a time-consuming task for procurement professionals.


Achieve transparency

Comply with auditing and head office requirements by exporting and printing e-requests: vital nowadays with procurement in all organisations closely scrutinised and under growing pressure to deliver savings.

‘Maverick buying’ is strongly discouraged by an e-request approval system and a high level of usability that encourages staff buy-in. Maverick buying is when staff source from suppliers unknown or unapproved by management or the procurement department.

Sourcing propriety is upheld with even-handed scoring of like-for-like supplier submissions; an e-request message board visible to all competing suppliers; and a lockout feature that prevents viewing of submissions until expiry of the e-request deadline.


Best practice

Clone your best performing e-requests to reinforce sourcing best practice across departments and product categories.

Automation of time-consuming administrative tasks allows your buying team to dedicate more of their valuable time to focusing on procurement strategy.

Utilise the expertise of non-purchasing staff (e.g. IT managers for sourcing IT equipment) by assigning roles within dedicated e-request teams. Cross-functional sourcing teams are widely regarded as best practice within the procurement industry.