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The Power of Connection

SourceDogg Connect is the only tool you’ll need to easily analyse your supply chain data from any source and turn it into actionable insights. Unlock the potential of your people and turn your team into data-led-decision making superheroes.

Connect will transform your organisation’s tunnel vision into a 360-degree, high-resolution, accurate representation of the full supply chain story.

With our simple platform, you can ingest data from multiple sources, blend them for objective analysis then turn it into perceptive and intuitive dashboards to power up your entire procurement process.


Using the power of SourceDogg’s Supplier Master Data platform, you can reach out to your supply base to quickly and easily collect data on the most business-critical criteria. 

Bring together quality information, product datasheets, financial data, certifications and accreditations all into one single source of truth in the cloud for ultimate control.


The power of SourceDogg Connect then helps to augment and enhance your first-party data with feeds from across other sources of information.

This helps you make decisions based on a 360-degree holistic view of your suppliers. It makes anecdotal, limited assessments a thing of the past.


Once you have all of the most relevant data collated and connected, you’re free to visualise and analyse the data using intuitive and interactive dashboards.

You can quickly identify gaps in your data that are impacting evidence-led sourcing decisions and make a plan to fill the holes in the dataset.

Better. Together.

SourceDogg Connect helps all your data work better together. 

It’s a cloud-based platform that unifies and integrates your data to provide your teams with the clarity and confidence they need to do their best work.

Connect helps you get more from your data and the best out of your people.

It effortlessly pulls together data from any source, analyses, manipulates and filters the signal from the noise. It then delivers beautiful, interactive, easy to use dashboards that anyone can use.

It makes complex, multifactorial decision-making quicker, simpler and clearer. 

What more could you want?

Your Data. Re-imagined.

Accelerate data-driven business intelligence. Boost productivity, increase profitability and grow your business faster.

Connect is one app for everything, fully connecting your data, analysis, visualizations, and reports for better, faster insights.

Connect the Dots.

Multiple data sources, disparate from each other can make it tough to get a comprehensive view of your supplier base. With SourceDogg Connect, you’ll have access to all of your sources of data in one place.

It can unify:

Analysis that Delivers Answers.

Once your data is ingested, SourceDogg Connect can help you and your team transform the raw facts and figures into insight through blending, calculation, filtering, categorisation, linking and much more.

Whether it’s working out average spend, YoY performance or making complex risk assessments based on a mix of credit scores and your reliance on a supplier or categories – Connect is competent, clear and capable.

Whatever your team want or need to know – SourceDogg Connect can help you find the answers.

Visualise. Strategise.

Replace data dumps from impenetrable Excel files, boring PowerPoints and tiresome PDFs that no one reads with beautiful, interactive dashboards and online reports.

Give the right people the right level of information – whether they’re a devil for the detail or a sucker for a summary, you can empower viewers to self serve with the info they need at their fingertips.

Once you’ve built your dashboards, it’s easy to amend or update and because all of your data is connected, the visuals stay synchronised and up-to-date.

No more tiresome duplication and busywork because someone took a month to open your email, just open the dashboard and discover your direction.

Turn Your Data into Action.

SourceDogg Connect helps you contrast and compare suppliers across products, services or within categories of supply quickly and easily. It makes strategic supply chain management simpler and risk analysis a walk in the park.

Connect positions you as a professional, forward-thinking innovative customer that your suppliers will want to work with as it can power your Supplier Relationship Management efforts.

But it’s more than just a reflective, introverted view. The platform supports your business growth by giving your sales, tender and bids teams the vital information they may need across a multitude of criteria such as sustainability and carbon-use data to win sales opportunities without arduous admin.

We're Here to Help...

Reaching data utopia may seem like an unachievable goal – but we’ve been helping ambitious and innovative supply chains teams do exactly this for over a decade.

We’ve got a dedicated customer success team that is committed to your success.

So if you need some help unlocking the power of your data or developing your dashboard skills, our team of experts can assist you with hooking up your data, building beautiful dashboards, customizing visualizations and much more.

If you’ve got data, ideas and curiosity… we’re here to help.

How Customers Use SourceDogg

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More ways to use SourceDogg


A Single Source of Truth...

Supplier Master Data

Get control of your vital supplier information in one place.

Easy to access and simple to share across your entire organisation.

An accurate, consistent, complete and relevant data source in the cloud that helps drive process efficiency and effective decision making.


Find, Compare, Deliver...

Source + Select

A smarter, streamlined and structured approach to compliment your sourcing and selection processes.

Straightforward to learn and use, SourceDogg unlocks the potential of your people and teams allowing them to plan and analyse the supply chain and confidently and consistently deliver best value.


Supercharge Supplier Relationships

Supplier Relationship Management

Building a successful business relies on both vision and alignment.

Our SRM connects and engages your suppliers with your objectives and encourages collaboration to achieve your goals.

It provides clarity, transparency and measurability which nurtures stronger, deeper and more cohesive working relationships that cultivate success.