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SourceDogg for Productivity

Powering Productivity

SourceDogg helps drive massive increases in productivity for many businesses across multiple sectors.

By using the power of our cloud-based technology platform, we help you turn your data into informative insight that guides evidence-led, knowledgeable and confident decision making to help your business thrive, gain a competitive advantage and increase profitability.

You're in good company...

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Our platform makes it easy to collect vital productivity data across your business. 

With self-service supplier portals, infinitely customisable fields and a cloud-based platform – entering data is simpler and quicker than ever before too.



Turn your data into insight. 

The SourceDogg platform allows you to add meaning and context to your data. 

It’s organised, structured, cleaned and processed ready for your teams to analyse and gain insight into those vital productivity metrics and identify areas to improve.



SourceDogg unlocks your team’s potential to understand your current situation and start to plan strategically. 

This plan to improve productivity measures where it’ll really make a difference is rooted in real-life data, minimising risks and gambles and maximising effective gains.


Time for action. 

When you’ve applied the knowledge that you’ve gained through using SourceDogg, our platform also helps you manage and evolve your supplier relationships so you can see the impact your decisions have had on your productivity. 

How SourceDogg Improves

By definition, productivity is “the effectiveness of productive effort, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input.”

So how do you get more… for less? (or the same.)

We’ve seen our clients succeed in improving productivity and their overall profitability by improving efficiency and effectiveness across multiple areas of their business.

Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Unlock People Potential

It’s often said people are your most valuable asset, and often they are one of the highest cost assets too. So getting the best from your teams is essential to improving productivity.

Internally, SourceDogg helps drive process efficiency by centralising your data, eliminating busywork and repetitive admin tasks and getting your teams on the front foot to tackle productivity problems proactively. By analysing key productivity data from around the business and across the supply chain, the team can work to improve important and impactful metrics that will enhance profitability.

Supplier productivity is your productivity and SourceDogg enables your people to be empowered to manage supplier relationships better too. This leads to avoiding punitive punishments based on anecdotes for a company-wide, long-term holistic point of view on performance that’s good for everyone – and your bottom line.

Time is money.

Powering-up Processes

SourceDogg helps streamline your sourcing and selection processes so less time is spent on repetitive duplication and admin tasks and more time can be spent on realising productivity and profitability gains.

Our cloud platform enables better collaboration between internal teams and supplier relationships via the self-serve portal means you’ll never be searching for data in multiple places across colleagues laptops or impenetrable shared drive structures.


By having all of your data in a single source of truth, reporting, auditing and other everyday tasks are made so much simpler. Accessible from anywhere, 24/7/365 – your teams will be effective and productive and able to manage your supply chain with less risk and more control.

Knowledge is power.

Driving Decision Making

SourceDogg gives you the clarity you need on the data that matters to effectively increase your productivity. Having complete, relevant and accessible data structured into insightful reports quickly and easily gives your team the best chance at making confident decisions to improve productivity across the business.

Whether it’s supplier accreditation, performance or more complex weighted decisions based on multi-factorial value judgements, our platform gives you the information you need to make those important calls and the data-driven direction to push the business forward to a more productive future.

Continual Improvement with Relationship Management

Reaping the Rewards

Recognising the delicate balance between value and efficiency is key to improving productivity. When you hit that point, it’s proven that rewarding the right behaviour multiplies the gains too.

With your supplier data in one place, you can effectively manage every element of your relationship and deliver performance and productivity gains. If you’ve got an underperforming supplier, you can help them hit your quality expectations constructively.  

Alternatively, you can recognise and reward the suppliers that perform productively across all areas of the business, by looking at data across departments and projects to get a real understanding of their value. Setting suppliers up for triumph with clear productivity goals that match your strategic objectives in SourceDogg is a recipe for success.

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