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Source + Select

Smarter sourcing, made simple

A smarter, streamlined and structured approach to compliment your sourcing and selection processes.

Straightforward to learn and use, SourceDogg unlocks the potential of your people and teams allowing them to plan and analyse the supply chain and confidently and consistently deliver best value.

Smarter Supply Chain Decisions...
Driven by Data

Whether you’re proactively planning for your next project or reacting to requests that had to be completed yesterday, our platform helps you deliver on time, in budget and under control.

Plan, Identify + Analyse your supply chain


Insight always beats hindsight.

Planning your supply chain for business growth has never been simpler.

As your markets, customers, project mix, teams and suppliers change, our sourcing features enable your teams to work effectively to make sure you’re always one step ahead.

Powering up your procurement process.


Less “busy”, more productive.

Remove the stress of managing complex procurement processes with a unified, collaborative and effective platform.

Make confident, data-driven decisions quickly and effectively to deliver best value and minimised risk for your organisation.

How Customers Use
Source + Select

An Industry-leading Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device Manufacturer

This case study explores the innovative approaches taken to revolutionise procurement and supplier management within the pharmaceutical industry with an emphasis on capital projects like the construction of new pharmaceutical
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A Global Pharmaceutical Solutions Provider

This case study delves into the strategies employed to optimise cost management and enhance compliance in the pharmaceutical sector with a focus on direct procurement of ingredients of pharmaceutical products.
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Expense Reduction Analysts

Streamlining global sourcing standardisation to deliver effective client results efficiently
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More ways to use SourceDogg

A Single Source of Truth...

Supplier Master Data

Get control of your vital supplier information in one place. Easy to access and simple to share across your entire organisation.

An accurate, consistent, complete and relevant data source in the cloud that helps drive process efficiency and effective decision making.

Supercharge Supplier Relationships

Supplier Relationship Management

Our SRM connects and engages your suppliers with your objectives and encourages collaboration to achieve your goals.

It provides clarity, transparency and measurability which nurtures stronger, deeper and more cohesive working relationships that cultivate success.

The Power of Connection


SourceDogg Connect helps all your data work better together. 

It unifies and integrates your data to provide your teams with the clarity and confidence they need to do their best work.

It effortlessly pulls together data from any source, analyses, manipulates and filters the signal from the noise. It then delivers beautiful, interactive, easy to use dashboards that anyone can use.