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An Industry-leading Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device Manufacturer

Revolutionising Procurement & Supplier Management in Pharmaceuticals


About the Company

As an industry stalwart, our client offers services spanning pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device open-access capability platforms. Their integrated platforms and expertise have been instrumental in propelling the development of nearly 1,100 innovative drugs, offering a broad portfolio of R&D and manufacturing services. This extensive repertoire underscores our client’s commitment to fostering collaboration, enhancing accessibility to cutting-edge technologies, and driving innovation in the pharmaceutical sector.


Shanghai, China



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Our client, striving to establish leadership in the pharmaceutical arena, sought out innovations that would reinforce its procurement and vendor management strategies, particularly with an emphasis on capital projects like the construction of new pharmaceutical plants.


The Supply Chain Challenge

Our client's move to incorporate SourceDogg into its operational framework was not a mere addition to its toolkit; it was a strategic pivot aimed at comprehensive procurement enhancement.

Given the intricate pharmaceutical backdrop marked by rigorous standards, the need for a robust tool ensuring both economic and operational efficiency was palpable.

From an operational standpoint, our client  faced multi-pronged challenges:

Limited Supplier Landscape: The pharmaceutical sector's rigorous standards limited our client's supplier outreach. Identifying and partnering with suppliers who meet these stringent benchmarks became a quintessential challenge.

Document Deluge: A substantial component of our client's procurement undertakings revolves around document management. With an avalanche of supplier documents, the challenge lay in ensuring continual updates and compliance with dynamic industry norms.

Certification Complexity: Our client's procurement doesn't terminate with the transaction. Each purchase has to incorporate safety, compliance, and quality. This entails exhaustive certification validations, making sure that the procured services and products adhere not only to our client's benchmarks but also to the overarching industry standards.

The SourceDogg Solution

Our client's partnership with SourceDogg symbolises a progressive leap from traditional procurement methodologies to a more nuanced, digitised approach. The pharmaceutical domain, marked by its complexities and rigorous standards, demands precision and SourceDogg’s platform promised just that.

SourceDogg's platform resonates with our client's overarching strategic goals and objectives. At the heart of the platform’s use is the adept handling of a broad spectrum of procurement requests, ranging from RFIs to RFPs, RFQs, and RFTs. But it doesn’t stop there.

The platform also excels in managing the complex web of contracts and certifications, ensuring each process is handled with the meticulousness it demands. These features are specifically tailored to address the multifaceted challenges that our client encounters in its operations.

However, SourceDogg’s intrinsic value isn't solely derived from its suite of features; it's significantly magnified by its adaptability. This flexibility became evident when our client initiated a pilot project in Ireland to gauge the platform's effectiveness. Following its success there, our client seamlessly integrated SourceDogg into its operations in the German market.

Whether it was facilitating intricate supply chain and procurement requirements in IT infrastructure or catering to specialised procurement needs in areas such as laboratory equipment or even the construction project to build entire pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing plants or expand restaurant facilities, SourceDogg consistently showcased its ability to adapt and deliver solutions tailored to our client's diverse operational landscape.

In essence, SourceDogg has not only been an enabler for our client but also a strategic partner, ensuring streamlined operations, enhanced supplier relationships, and, most importantly, unwavering compliance adherence.