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Supplier Master Data

Become a master of your supply chain data

All of your supplier data. All in one place.

An accurate, consistent, complete and relevant data source in the cloud that helps drive process efficiency and connect you to your suppliers.

Supplier Master Data makes information easy to access and simple to share across your entire organisation and straightforward for your suppliers to input and update.

Eliminate the day-to-day busywork of searching through endless shared drives and inboxes and focus on what matters – making better supply chain decisions.

It’s time to think outside the inbox.

Knowledge is Power.
A Single Source of Truth

All of the relevant data at your fingertips, freeing you up to do your best work.

No more stressful searches across multiple sources of information.

Easy to Access.
Simple to Share.

Say goodbye to trawling old colleagues’ archives or finding that elusive organisational oracle.

Say hello to a new all-powerful data hub in the cloud.

Eliminate Silos.
Create Connection.

One simple, supplier-connected database in the cloud means your teams are empowered to work faster, more effectively, productively and consistently.

Put Your Data to Work For You...

Once you’re in control of your data, you’re ready for anything the business can throw at you. Even audits.

Our platform helps you harness the power of your data into actionable insight to drive better supply chain decisions.

The right data. Right where you need it.

Efficiency Starts Here.

Supplier Master Data puts your people in control of important supply chain decisions.

By having data available when you need it, and clarity on essential but missing information, your business can focus on actually using the data or filling the gaps quickly and effectively.

Your teams and people are confident and empowered to do the jobs they’re experts at, not stressfully searching for key supplier information across emails, spreadsheets and colleagues desks.

Present and Correct.

Accuracy + Consistency

Regularly reviewing the information you hold on your supplier base is essential, but often a thankless and laborious task.

However, with SourceDogg, you can ensure data accuracy much more quickly, systematically through database field restrictions and easily request supplier updates to reduce the risk of exposure and give you confidence in your day to day decision making.

Driving Better Decisions.

Complete + Relevant

SourceDogg allows you to clearly see what data you have on your suppliers, what you need to complete their profiles and importantly what data fields you don’t have at all…

By using Supplier Master Data, your team can see the gaps in essential data that are key to decision making and successful supply chain management. You can also add in fields and customise the platform so that the relevant data attached to the suppliers as your organisational needs evolve.

Minimise Risk.

Good Governance.

Failing an audit is not an option. The consequences can be very damaging both for business reputation and financially.

SourceDogg eliminates audit anxiety.

Supplier Master Data is designed to give you peace of mind as the platform transparently traces changes to data records and decisions, ensuring clear accountability.

How Customers Use Supplier Master Data

An Industry-leading Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device Manufacturer

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A Global Pharmaceutical Solutions Provider

This case study delves into the strategies employed to optimise cost management and enhance compliance in the pharmaceutical sector with a focus on direct procurement of ingredients of pharmaceutical products.
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Expense Reduction Analysts

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More ways to use SourceDogg

Find, Compare, Deliver...

Source + Select

A smarter, streamlined and structured approach to compliment your sourcing and selection processes.

Straightforward to learn and use, SourceDogg unlocks the potential of your people and teams allowing them to plan and analyse the supply chain and confidently and consistently deliver best value.

Supercharge Supplier Relationships

Supplier Relationship Management

Building a successful business relies on both vision and alignment.

Our SRM connects and engages your suppliers with your objectives and encourages collaboration to achieve your goals.

It provides clarity, transparency and measurability which nurtures stronger, deeper and more cohesive working relationships that cultivate success.

The Power of Connection


SourceDogg Connect helps all your data work better together. 

It unifies and integrates your data to provide your teams with the clarity and confidence they need to do their best work.

It effortlessly pulls together data from any source, analyses, manipulates and filters the signal from the noise. It then delivers beautiful, interactive, easy to use dashboards that anyone can use.