Balancing Client Demands Vs. Supply Chain Needs

Thriving in a world of ever-increasing complexity and uncertainty is a difficult task for many businesses and with this added adversity comes a host of prickly compromises within the organisations themselves.

This creates pressure in the business across many departments, but one of the main tension is the interplay between sales and the supply chain.

So how can technology help balance these seemingly conflicting needs?

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Supplier Onboarding: Five Steps to Remove Friction

The foundation of a strong supplier relationship is a great onboarding process. Unfortunately, the process isn’t quite as straightforward, simple or as speedy as you’d hope. How do you remove friction and streamline supplier onboarding? Here’s our guide to the pitfalls and problems of poor onboarding and five steps to fixing them.

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How Wise is Your Supply Chain?

In this article, we explore the DIKW model and apply it to supply chain management. This concept represents the relationships between data, information, knowledge and wisdom to enable better, data-driven decision making and supercharge your supply chain with SourceDogg.

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What is Supplier Master Data?

The term “supplier master data” refers to vital information about the suppliers with whom you work.
In this article we cover the definitions, importance, benefits, challenges and processes… everything you need to know about supplier master data and master data management!

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