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Eden UK

Streamlining supply chain operations and communications for the demanding retail industry.


About the Company

Eden provides customers with end-to-end services for all retail merchandising solutions. For over 28 years Eden has been manufacturing display fixtures and shelving from their Aberdare factory. Their high-volume manufacturing facility (160,000 sq. ft) means they can fulfil projects on a global scale.


Wellingborough, UK



Use Cases

Source and Select

Eden UK is an industry-leading creative design, development, manufacturer and installer of custom display fixtures, merchandising solutions, point of purchase (POP) and shelving to retailers, brands, convenience sector & distributors.

The Supply Chain Challenge

Eden’s supply chain teams deal with an incredibly diverse set of demands from their clients as they each look to differentiate their retail spaces and offer their customers an experiential in-store experience each time they enter. This includes providing custom solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Their customers need suppliers who can react quickly to their requirements and changes in their business and they simultaneously want to purchase all their goods from one supplier for simplicity.

One driving factor for change in the supply chain management process and platform is that incredibly short lead times are becoming critical as space is a premium for their customers.  They wish to reduce the amount of stock they hold and rely on Eden’s ability to react to the demands in their business for custom display fixtures and shelving, which is manufactured and delivered to their stores typically within two weeks.

One of the challenges is the depth and breadth of communications between suppliers and the internal team at Eden, as they innovatively design and prototype solutions for their clients. As such, they demanded a single source of communication as exchanging drawings and quotations with suppliers via email and using excel could be hit and miss – with key information potentially being overlooked.

The Sourcing and Selection process was also manual, more time-consuming than would be ideal, particularly around supplier quote comparison.

Not only was the process itself a challenge, but so was preparing for meetings involving stakeholders as email exchanges and multiple, inconsistent excel files was not efficient or effective for clear, best-value decision making.

The SourceDogg Solution

The team at Eden UK were particularly impressed by the speed of implementation of the SourceDogg platform. Their team were working efficiently and effectively very quickly and seeing time-saving benefits more swiftly than anticipated.

One of the biggest benefits is the centralised portal for suppliers to access, where they can self-serve and enter their credentials, criteria, certification, and responses to PQQ’s.

From a sourcing and selection point of view, the ambitious team at Eden can focus on performance improvements and not administration, without duplication as they can quickly re-use best practice sourcing events and templates.

Eden has reported productivity increases through using SourceDogg to review and analyse pricing responses from suppliers whilst simultaneously reducing risk and the potential for manual error.

The SourceDogg platform improves how the procurement team engage with other internal stakeholders, external suppliers, and their clients.