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World-leading manufacturer + distributor

Excelling at Data Control, Contract Management and Conformance

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About the Company

Our customer is a world-leading manufacturer and distributor of smart climate and sanitary hot water solutions. The Group operates in more than 100 countries worldwide, employing around 6,500 people across Europe.


Apeldoorn, Netherlands



Use Cases

Source and Select
Supplier Master Data
Supplier Relationship Management

For a world that urgently needs to tackle the challenge of climate change, our customer manufacture and distribute smart thermal comfort solutions with a near-zero carbon footprint.

Our customer develops innovative products and services that save energy and cut carbon emissions and supply them to building owners and users.

The Supply Chain Challenge

Our customer approached us with typical data difficulties of a growing organisation.

How could they solve the emerging challenges in data consistency, accuracy, visibility and accessibility?

With a global organisation and complex manufacturing supply chain, there was also a high volume of detailed contracts across the organisation to store and reference at a moments notice.

The forward-thinking and ambitious procurement and quality teams at the company also wanted to work more collaboratively, be confident in their systems and be able to audit their processes and data easily.

The company also realised that Microsoft Excel didn’t excel at storing non-conformance plans and tracking key metrics for supplier performance.

Finally, they were looking to increase their procurement process performance to gain best value from their supply chain whilst simultaneously saving time internally on arduous admin tasks.

The SourceDogg Solution

By moving to SourceDogg, our customer transformed their supply chain data management and now benefit from an easily searchable and shareable singular source of truth across their employee base over 100 countries.

This centralised database has also driven changes to reporting which is now done via their PowerBI intelligence dashboards for both supplier and internal finance data thanks to consistent structure and completeness of data.

Contract information is now all consolidated in one searchable and queryable system that is both smarter and more efficient due to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) inputs.

Supplier relationship management is now easier than ever before, with clear objectives, metrics and communication on one system that is shareable for the entire team. This gives everyone the visibility they need on supplier performance and make better supply chain decisions.

We’ve also worked with our customer’s internal teams to develop new SourceDogg functionality based on their previous request-based 8D process. Our collaboration has generated a new action plan module for the company that is currently in the User Acceptance Testing phases.

SourceDogg is now a valuable platform across the business and our customer anticipates all sourcing for key packages to take place via our cloud technology by the end of 2021